life long nightmare

a girl known as Terra Bridges only wanted to be loved and only wanted a family to care for her. but then she gets something she didn't want that scars her and its up to a certain blonde to heal her.


1. Abuse

Terra POV

     I'm Terra Bridges and I'm trying to escape my sisters wrath and my dads wrath of them abusing me. when i mean abuse i mean emotionally and physically. ever since mom died they both have turned upside down. and i cant take it anymore, they kick, punch, slap, and beat on me constantly. i have bruises in places i didn't even know was possible to get bruises. I want to crawl up in a little ball and hide for the rest of my life. the only thing that makes me happy is.........nothing. i don't have any reason to live but something is telling me to stay awake, to don't give up, to keep waiting until the right moment. but when, and where, and why, and how? my dad right now, Brett is kicking me while my sister, Arena is slapping me. they always tell me its my fault that mom died, its all my fault. that i should've died in that car crash and not her. me and mom were in the car while a stranger rescued me before the car blew up. but it was to late mom was already announced dead. i was 15 when this happened and now I'm 17. the image of seeing my own mother dyeing right before my eyes, is a image I'll never forget. my sister used to be so sweet before that happened, she loved animals, and got good grades, and planned to go to college. my dad was a sweet person to and he was a hard worker, he used to spoiled us, take us on vacation, and always hug us, but now he is an alcoholic, a dump, stupid, pathetic alcoholic! they also both say I'm so ugly to. i cant blame them, my stupid dirty blonde hair that goes to my back, and my ugly blue eyes.

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