My life next to r5

When a girl who is in a band fall in love with her best friends brother. Would one of them fall for a Lynch of a Ratliff or one friend with a Lynch and the other with a Ratliff read to figure out!!!!


2. The truth is told

Desiree's P.O.V

When Rosalinda was done telling me the story I head to the Lynchs house and told them the story "when she was little she lived in New York her parents died when she was 5 years old" I said Vanessa gasped and we all looked at her and she said "what" in a squeaky voice "you now something about this don't you Vanessa" Rydel and Juan said and Vanessa said "yes I do now something because I-" I cuter off "she was from their too that's why they been best friends almost like sisters" "just don't say anything to her or she will freak and go back home promise" Vanessa said "we promise" they all said.

Rosalinda's P.O.V

So that's the last time I let anyone in my room when I'm sad. I hear people coming upstairs to I went to bed and pretended to go to sleep "hey guys be quiet she might hear us" someone said I think it was Ross or Ryland they sound alike "Ryland stop pushing me" Rydel said so I got up and open the door and they yelled "AHHHHHHHHHH DONT DO THAT AGAIN YOU SCARED THE CRAP OUT OF US" "we'll let this be a lesson don't go to my room when you guys are talking and Desiree I am never talking to you again in my entire life and tell Vanessa how your suppose to say sorry to me" I slammed the door and I think they all left to the living room. I went down stairs to get a cup of water and before I can get in the kitchen Riker pulled me into a hug 'man he's so dam cute' o thought to myself and Riker said "I'm vary sorry for your lost" "it's alright but I'm still upset at Desiree" I said "don't be you guys been friends like forever and without her friendship you'll just be mad at yourself and your bandmate and be friends with just guys" I pause for a second and said "your right I have to apologize to Desiree" I let go of the hug and called Desiree she was sad and I said "I'm vary sorry I was mad at you it's just that I never told any one about this will you forgive me" I waited for her to answer instead she hugged me with tears of joy and I hugged back and everyone came in and joined the hug.

"Vanessa who's the band we have to practice with" I said "they'll be here in a second" "what's there name?" "I don't know yet I just texted what their band was called..............wait I got it it's 'r5'" the doorbell rang and I opened it and it was the Lynches and Ratliff "hey ready to practice" Riker says and I was confused "what do you guys are r5" "yea I told you when we met" "sorry Riker when we were talking I was trapped in your eyes that's why I don't remember" "ohhhhh Riker has a crush, Riker has a crush, Riker has a crush" Rydel says all girly we all looked at her and she stopped "what" she said "wow Delly just wow" was all I could say then we headed to the basement and their jaws dropped to the floor "what haven't you guys seen lots of instruments before" I said they shook their heads no and the rest came down. We practice for about an hour I went to get waters for everyone and Riker came up to follow when I closed the fridge he grabbed the waters to help "here let me help" he said "thanks Riker" I said and we went back down to the basement and see everyone looking that we where holding hands and I let go and give every one and someone said "Are you to a thing or what" I think Rydel said it while pointing at both of us "no we're just friends" I said struggling "but you guys just met" Ratliff said " well inside of me thinks I know more about her" Riker said.

Rydel's P.O.V

I thought they where a thing but I still yelledb"does she do this often" Rose said "yea she gets over excited when one of her friends are dating one of her brothers" Ratliff said "but where not dating" "oh so do you guys dance?" They all look at Each other "well we all dance Juan and Rose dance to street music, Marcos, Adrian, and Roberto dance to hip hop and well me and Des take ballet why do you ask" Vanessa said "Cool we were just wondering so you could sign up at 'The Rage' with us" I said "what's 'The Rage' is it like a studio or something" they all said "no it's where you can sing and dance I sometimes practice their when I don't have a class and the boys do you guys in" they all looked at each other "I'm in"Rose said "were in" the rest said "Riker will take us their first and come pick you guys up later it would be next week ok" I said "ok" they all said.


Rosalinda's P.O.V

After we left the Lynchs house we went home and I got a text from Darcy my friend

*Conversation with Darcy*

Darcy: Hey I'll be at ur house tomorrow k

Me: k but I live in LA 

Darcy: ik that and I know where u live Riker told me

I pause for a moment

Me: wat do u mean Riker told u

Darcy: Welllll............... I'm their sister and he never told anyone and Stormie and Mark know about this and the bros and Delly don't now but Riker does don't freak

Me: I won't freak ur my best friends sister and you will tell them when you come and sign up at The Rage

Darcy: thx for not freaking out and I will tell them when I come to Cali and I am already signed up for The Rage

Me: No problem and that's good for signing up cause their making me I think and who signed u up

Darcy: Riker sighed me up it was for next week see u lats

Me: ok bye

Darcy: bye 

*end of conversation*

When I was done texting Darcy their was a knock on my door "come in" I said and it was Riker "hey babe what's wrong" he asked "nothing why" I lied I couldn't keep the secret so I spilled it out "how come you didnt tell me that you where sisters with my friend Darcy" I said calmly "cause I didn't want you to freak but you didn't freak that's what I love about you" "aww thanks babe oh and before I forget Darcy is coming and she will be here tomorrow" I said and before he left he kissed me on the check and left I blushed.


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