Elounor's Child

Eleanor Calder has a perfect life. She has an amazing boyfriend, Louis Tomlinson, who supports her and cares for her. She love him for him, not for the guy in the band One Direction. Eleanor loves Louis' personality, attitude, and his passion for music. They have the perfect relationship and it becomes better when Eleanor gets pregnant. Somehow management finds out and forces her to keep it to herself. They make her break up with Louis causing her to be a single mother. What happens when Louis finds out he is a father? Who in the band helped Eleanor escape and keep her pregnancy a secret? Find out in Elounor's Child.


8. Chapter 7; Scarlett Tomlinson

Chapter 7

-Eleanor's p.o.v-

*5 months later*

"Dani, mind going to the store and buying me whipped cream and chocolate?" I asked Danielle, rubbing my stomach.

Nine months already. Wow, i thought. Any day now, this baby will burst and Christmas is coming up. It'd be crazy if my baby girl and Louis' birthday were on the same day.

Tomorrow, to be exact.

"Sure, babe. I'll be back. Harry and Liam are supposed to arrive in like 15 minutes. I'll probably be back by then, alright." She sad, grabbing her back and kissing my tummy.

"She's coming out any day now." Danielle smiled up at me.

I nodded and smiled. This has been a long, painful, and wonderful journey. I don't want it to end.

Danielle gave me a quick hug an left. I put my feet up on the couch and turned on the tv.

"One Direction's Louis Tomlinson moved on?" The lady said.

"Get this! Louis was seen with a mystery brunette yesterday in London!" She continued, images appearing on the screen.

I sat down straight paying close attention.

"The mystery girl appears to have brown hair and only an inch shorter than him. Some sources say, the fellow boy bander is back with Eleanor Calder! Now, if you remember they did break up 9 months back." The woman continued, pictures of me and Louis' break up appeared on the screen.

The pictures showed how perfectly heartbroken we were.

"Other sources say, he's moved on and Eleanor was just a phase. Tweet us your opinions on this mystery girl and on Elounor! Will they be getting back together? I'm Chelsea Briggs and this was Hollywire Tv." Chelsea finished.

I turned off the tv and laid back down. Louis moved on? I thought he loved me.

Was i just a phase?

My thoughts were interrupted when someone knocked at the door.

"Who is it?" I called, getting up from the couch.

"Harry and Liam!" Liam said.

I squealed and ran to the door. I swung the door open to reveal and exhausted Harry and an excited Liam.

"Harry! Liam!" I said, hugging them both.

Liam hugged me but gently.

"Oh my god, El. The baby bump! It's beautiful and you're even more gorgeous than before!" Liam exclamied.

"Thanks." I breathed.

"El! Congrats on the baby bump!" Harry said, kissing my forehead.

"Thanks," i giggled. "Did any paps follow you two?" I asked, letting them in.

"Nope. We were extremely careful." Liam smiled, sitting on the couch. "Where's Dani? I wanna see her." He smiled.

"She went to buy me whipped cream and chocolate. Was craving it and being the sweetheart she is, she went to go buy it for me." I smiled, going into the kitchen and getting Nutella from the cupboard, along with a spoon.

I went to the living room and sat by Liam, opening the jar.

I grabbed a spoonful of Nutella and licked the spoon clean.

"You have some weird cravings." Harry chuckled.

"You think that's weird?" I asked, raising an eyebrow. "Last night Dani went to buy me pizza, bananas, and sour cream." I said, smiling, getting more Nutella.

Liam chuckled and put his feet up on the coffee table.

"I'm glad, I'm a guy. That sounds disgusting." He said, scrunching up his nose. "So when's the baby coming?" He asked, getting Nutella with his finger and licking it off clean.

"Any day now." I smiled, putting the Nutella down.

Harry looked at me wide eyed and sat by me.

"How are you so relaxed? I'd be freaked!" He said, taking the Nutella and eating it.

"I dunno. I just am." I said, getting up slowly and going back to the kitchen.

They followed and Harry jumped on the counter.

"Whatcha getting now?" Liam asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Cookies." I said, trying to get them from the top shelf.

They laughed and me and i pouted, crossing my arms. Liam came to help me and he easily got them down.

"Do you have morning sickness?" Harry asked, eating Nutella.

"Mhm. It's gross." I said, opening the chocolate chip cookie pack.

I took one and bit it. I smiled and took the Nutella from Harry dipping the cookie in it.

"Heeeyy! I was eating that!" He pouted.

"And I'm pregnant. I win." I said dipping the cookie in Nutella again.

I felt the baby kick and i yelped.

"What's wrong?" Liam asked, running to my side.

"Nothing. The baby kicked and it kinda hurt." I said, rubbing my tummy gently.

I took Liam's hand and placed it where the baby was kicking. Liam's eyes grew wide and then he smiled.

"I wanna feel!" Harry said, jumping off the counter.

Liam removed his hand and i placed Harry's hand on the stomach. He smiled and rubbed my stomach gently. He bowed down and kissed my tummy then one on my forehead.

I smiled at him and at Liam.

"I don't know what I'd do without you two." I said, grabbing their hands.

They smiled and Harry asked,"What are you going to name the baby?"

"Scarlett. Scarlett Tomlinson." I smiled.

That's my baby's name. A name I've always loved and the last name of my first and only love.


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