Elounor's Child

Eleanor Calder has a perfect life. She has an amazing boyfriend, Louis Tomlinson, who supports her and cares for her. She love him for him, not for the guy in the band One Direction. Eleanor loves Louis' personality, attitude, and his passion for music. They have the perfect relationship and it becomes better when Eleanor gets pregnant. Somehow management finds out and forces her to keep it to herself. They make her break up with Louis causing her to be a single mother. What happens when Louis finds out he is a father? Who in the band helped Eleanor escape and keep her pregnancy a secret? Find out in Elounor's Child.


6. Chapter 5; It's a Girl!

Chapter 4;


*4 months later*

"You ready, Eleanor or do you want to wait for the father of the child?" The doctor asked me.

I looked at Dani and she squeezed my hand,"I'm ready, doc." I gave him a friendly smile and another one to Dani.

After 4 months of hiding, i finally get something good. The sex of the child in me.

-20 minutes later-

I sat in the chair in the waiting room, shaking my leg up and down. Come on, i thought.

Danielle put her hand on my leg and said," Stop. He'll come out any second now. Don't forget to call Liam right after." She smiled and gave me a hug,"I better be the god mother."

I giggled," Actually, i was thinking of Perrie instead." She gave me a death glare and lightly hit my shoulder.

"Eleanor Calder." The doctor called. Dani and i got up and walked to the doctor. He led us to his office and shut the door behind him. "Take a seat, ladies." He smiled and opened the envelope he had," Eleanor, congratulations, you're having a baby girl."

"Oh my god." I covered my mouth and started crying due to the joy. "Thank you so much, doc."

"No problem and once again, congratulations." The doctor went over a couple things and released us.

I immediately fished out my phone dialing Liam. He and Harry made a bet about the sex of the baby. Harry bet a girl and Liam a boy. Guess Liam owes Harry $100.

Nobody answered me the first time so i called again. Big mistake of mine.



Out of any of the boys, Louis picked up the phone.

"Eleanor. Oh my god! Where are you?! How are you?! God, i miss you so much!" He yelled.

He sounded happy to hear me but also worried and relieved.

"Dear god, Eleanor. Answer me! Say something!" He said, annoyed now.

There was nothing but silence between us. What do i do? I don't know why, but i just couldn't hang up the phone. Hearing his voice made me happy. Happier than i have been in the past four months.

"Eleanor, i just want you to know that i- i love you. We'll be together soon, darling. I love you and i miss you. I want to hug you and kiss you, like the old times. I need you, Eleanor." He said, his voice cracking at the last sentence.

Danielle was looking at me worried. I was crying but making no sound. I didn't even realize i was crying until tears fell towards my lips.

I hung up just as Louis started talking again. No more tears, more.

"Eleanor? Who was that? Why are you crying, love?" Danielle asked cupping my face.

"Louis." I said, looking at her. "It was Louis."

"Oh my." Was all she said before engulfing me in a hug. God, i was so lucky to have called in private. Now what?

"I'm fine." I said, pulling away from the hug. "Let's go home. I'll call Harry and tell him the news." I wiped my tears and smiled," It's a girl! Danielle, i'm having a baby girl!" I laughed and gave Dani a big hug.



"Eleanor i-," and that was it. After pouring out my feelings to her, she hangs up.

"Gahh!" I yelled. Liam came running downstairs.

"Is something wrong, lad?" He asked. Liam knows where El is. He's been in contact with her. Why the hell would he hide it from me?!

"Yes, Liam! Something is fucking wrong!" I yelled, throwing his phone on the couch and making my way towards him. "Why the fuck did you not tell me you had contact will El?! Why?! These past four months have been a wreck and you didn't bother telling me you had contact with her!"

I grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and looked him dead eye," Answer me Liam! Why?!" I yelled.

"Mate get off me!" He yelled, pushing me off. "I don't know what the fuck you're talking about!"

"Don't bloody lie to me, Liam! Eleanor just fucking called you!" I yelled, pushing him.

"What? She did? What'd she say?" He asked.

"All she did was ask for you. When she heard it was me, she didn't say a word! Why, Liam?!" I yelled kicking the wall.

"Mate, i don't know! She probably wanted to ask for you! I haven't been in contact with El!" He yelled.

I looked at him. "Stop lying!" I yelled, pushing him back, causing him to fall. "You know what, Liam? Fuck you!" I flipped his coffee table and slammed the door as i left.

He knows something. What did Eleanor call for? Why didn't she talk to me? Am i that big of a monster?

Eleanor Calder, i'm finding you.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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I want more options for girl names though! I already picked but i want to see if anybody else has more names!

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