Elounor's Child

Eleanor Calder has a perfect life. She has an amazing boyfriend, Louis Tomlinson, who supports her and cares for her. She love him for him, not for the guy in the band One Direction. Eleanor loves Louis' personality, attitude, and his passion for music. They have the perfect relationship and it becomes better when Eleanor gets pregnant. Somehow management finds out and forces her to keep it to herself. They make her break up with Louis causing her to be a single mother. What happens when Louis finds out he is a father? Who in the band helped Eleanor escape and keep her pregnancy a secret? Find out in Elounor's Child.


2. Chapter 2; I'm Tired

Chapter 2;


"I'm sorry, Lou. I love you." Eleanor said before turning the corner and running off.

What the hell? I was on my knees with my face in my hands. After 2 years of a perfect relationship, she breaks it off. I knew the hate was getting to her, but i was planning to change that.

I got up and went inside my flat, throwing myself on the couch. Today, exactly, is two years with her. Well two years our relationship became public. I was going to propose to her today.

When she called me, i thought she just wanted to hang out. Like usual, but instead, i got this. I reached in my pocket and took out the black box. I opened it and admired the beautiful ring.

Perrie had helped me pick it out. She was the first one to know, then i told the boys and of course, my mum.

A tear fell down from the corner of my eye. I put the ring back in the box and set it on the coffee table. I fished out my phone and went on twitter.

I felt disgusted and pissed off. Things like #EleanorIsABitch and #2YearsOfBullshitOver was trending worldwide. I knew what they meant by "2 years of bullshit over."

I've been quiet for too long and it hurt the one i loved the most, Eleanor Calder. I angrily tweeted what i needed to say.

"Louis_Tomlinson: These trends are BULLSHIT! I will ALWAYS love you @EleanorJCalder, no matter what happens..."

Immediately, i got tweets.

"@IShipBullshit: Management, gtfo of Louis' twitter! They broke up for a reason! #Larry"

"@Narry_Zerrie: So the rumors are true?.. #ElounorWillBeRemembered"

"@Larry_Elounor: Elounor is over.. It can't be true! #Elounor"

I began to cry some more. I grabbed the couch pillow and screamed in it. This can't be true. This isn't happening. We aren't over!

I heard knock at my door. I ignored it and sat there in silence. The person knocked again. "Fuck off!" I yelled.

"Lou,it's me, Perrie. Please let me in!" Perrie called.

I quickly got up and opened it. Perrie immediately engulfed me in a hug. "How are you holding up?"

I looked at her confused. "I was on my way to your flat because i wanted to know when you were planning to ask Eleanor and i saw your tweet. It's all over twitter, Lou. Why'd she break it off?"

"It got to her." I responded.

"What got to her? The distance?" Perrie asked.

"The hate and fame. She said it was all too much. How did i not see this, Perrie? I hurt her.."

Perrie shook her head,"No, you did not. You did everything in your power to make her feel loved! Heck! You were going to purpose to her, despite what your fans thought! Louis, you loved her! I bet, she still loves you too.."

I cried even more. I can't believe how everything crumbled in so little time. "I'm tired. Tired of the fame, tired of hurting the ones i love, and tired of being tired!"

"Then stop being tired. You're hilarious and amazing! You've got a great career and an amazing voice! Never forget, you have us." Perrie engulfed me in a hug and rubbed my back.

"Thanks, Pez."

"Anytime, Lou. Now, let's get in there and cook something up! I'm starving!" Perrie exclaimed.

I chuckled,"Let's do it!" She made her way to the kitchen as i closed the door. I looked at the black box on the coffee table and sighed.

I picked it up and put it in my pocket. I'm winning Eleanor back. Somehow..

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

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