Elounor's Child

Eleanor Calder has a perfect life. She has an amazing boyfriend, Louis Tomlinson, who supports her and cares for her. She love him for him, not for the guy in the band One Direction. Eleanor loves Louis' personality, attitude, and his passion for music. They have the perfect relationship and it becomes better when Eleanor gets pregnant. Somehow management finds out and forces her to keep it to herself. They make her break up with Louis causing her to be a single mother. What happens when Louis finds out he is a father? Who in the band helped Eleanor escape and keep her pregnancy a secret? Find out in Elounor's Child.


11. Chapter 10: I'm a dad!

Chapter 10:

~Louis' p.o.v~

Harry put on a shirt and his boots. Liam had gone to change. Harry seemed to be in a hurry and so did Liam.

"We'll stop at the store and buy some flowers. Hurry up! Louis, start the car." Liam ordered.

I rolled my eyes but obeyed. I waited for the lads to come and it didn't take long. We stopped at the store and we all bought flowers for Scarlett.

I still don't know who she is but i don't want to go empty handed. "Mate, drive to the hospital. Quick!" Harry said.

I sighed and drove there. Harry hasn't even told me happy birthday. What a lad, i thought.

"Oh. Also, happy birthday mate! You're in on a surprise." He said, mumbling the last part.

When we got there, they rushed out of the car. I jogged trying to keep up with them. When we got in Danielle was waiting.

She froze seeing me. She gulped and looked at the boys. There was silence once again.

"Mate, go into that room. You have to change." Liam said, putting his hands in his pocket.

I did what he said and changed. I came out and they all stopped talking.

Danielle walked towards me slowly. "You're in for a surprise. Happy birthday, Louis." She hugged me and i shook my head.

"What surprise?" I asked.

The doctor rushed out and smiled. "It's time. Who's the father? He should witness his child's birth."

They all pointed at me and the doctor smiled. "I see you're in the clothes. Come with me."

I followed the doctor still confused on what was going on. He led me to a room where i heard screaming at the other end.

I saw Eleanor sweating, screaming, and breathing heavily once i entered.

Her face became blank when she saw me. The doctor rushed to put on his gloves. I slowly walked to Eleanor, tears brimming in my eyes.

She was in utter shock. Not more than i was. I'm a dad. I'm a fucking dad!

I quickly grabbed her hand as the doctor told her to push. Eleanor obeyed and cried in pain.

She sighed once she gave her final push. We heard the baby cry and we both smiled. The nurse handed her to Eleanor and she giggled.

The boys and Danielle ran in excited to see our baby. Eleanor slightly rocked Scarlett, trying to keep her asleep.

"Shh, she's sleeping." Eleanor said, softly.

I wiped Eleanor's forehead and looked at Scarlett then at Harry and Liam.

They avoided eye contact knowing I'd give them hell later. Danielle was by Eleanor admiring our baby.

"She's the cutest." Danielle squeeled.

I nodded in agreement. "She is, isn't she."

Harry and Liam surrounded the baby and El, handing her flowers.

Eleanor looked up at me and smiled. "You two officially share the same birthday. Happy birthday, Lou."

I went all day, thinking i wouldn't hear those words from her, but she just proved me wrong.


A/n: sorry for a short chapter!

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