catch me?

Madeline Catlin Jackson never , ever fell in love . but what will happen when she meets a certain blue eyed stranger. will she fall and will he be their to catch her.


2. ok, this means war.

 Camden's p.o.v

 oh gods she's beautiful. she had dark brown hair and sparkling blue eyes. her eyes seamed to be searching me , for any signs that I'm going to hurt her.

"hey" I say nonchalantly , like we aren't just standing on the side walk , me holding her hovering a few feet above the ground.


                           ( Camden ! )


 " I'm Camden michels , son of Luke castlen son of Hermes and Taylor michels daughter of Demeter ." I said bitterly , I for one , was not proud of my father, or what he did . he was evil.

 I looked down at her , then set her up right .

 " are you ok?" I ask, sincerely. What ? cant a guy ask if a girls ok?  

    maddie's p.o.v

  Are you serious! His dad killed my mother and he asks if I'm ok! Of curse I'm not ok!

  " no " I say harshly, glaring at him.

                      ( maddie ! )

  The smile on his face turns into confusion and I say

 " Madeline Jackson. daughter of Percy Jackson and annabeth chase."

 his mouth fell open and I reached for my fathers old weapon, riptide. I unshed it and his big blue eyes looked down on me, a scared expretion written all over his face. he backed up agenst  the nearest wall, which so happened to be Starbucks. he old lady sitting at the window booth looked at us, then smiled. probably thinking we where a couple, by the way we where standing. me between his legs, and him looking down on me. I put the " much to big for me" sword agenst his jugular, ( if you don't know what this is look it up ) and pressed . hard.

 " listen to me Mr..." I start but i feel some thing righting on my hand . 

 " call me some time , ok babe ?" he said and then stalks off with a new found confidence.

  I curse under my breath in Greek . muttering

 " grandma why do you hate me so much" knowing i wouldent get an answer, i grudgingly looked down on my hand , and smiled for the first time in forever. someone wants me to call them. how nice. but how did he out think someone with the blood of Athena. i , surprisingly , and grudgingly admit that i cant figure that one out. ok boy this means war.

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