catch me?

Madeline Catlin Jackson never , ever fell in love . but what will happen when she meets a certain blue eyed stranger. will she fall and will he be their to catch her.


1. meeting him

 "dad im going out!" i yell to my father, you may know him, percy jackson ring any bells.

"ok"he mumbled

"thanks for caring about my safty dad" I wisper harshly "some hero you are" 

ever since my mother, annabeth, died 6 years ago from a dericnie attack. He has been like that . mean, cold , only cares about him self and his slutie girfriend, rachel , not even his kids. me, im 16.i have a 2 year old brother,christian by a mortal woman named katie.he dosent even know his name, he calls him boy. 

"im bringing christian too" i say louder , so he coulkd hear me over rachelk, who was trying to get his atention.

"who?" he asks.

"your son"

"oh... yah , yah it would be easer if he gose with you, he wont get any sleep hear." he sais smirking at rachel, who just laphs suducivly. i felt sick. seeing your father  tring to seduce someone, dose that to ya. i walked away with a discusted look painted on my face, i walked down the hall where I put christians room, and looked at him in his crib. He looked just like my dad. same hair same nose same eyes, everything. i picked him up put on his minnie nike and walked out the door.we shoped for a while then i got hungry , so i called my aunt Thalya.

*phone convo*thalya#  and maddie *

*hey ant thalya*

#hello dear#

*can you take cristian for a while  while I get the shping done*

# yeh , ok#

*thank you*

#your welcome dear#

*end of phone call *

I sat on a near by bench and wated to see the sky blue chevie pull up.


I handed christian to thalya and her husband , leo( yes i did) and they sped off 5th ave.

i walked to the neares starbucks and order a carmel mocheoto. 

As i was waking to aunt thalya's i ran into someone, a boy.

A cute boy. blond , with the most mesmerizing blue eyes. he was like me . his parents where demi gods too.

"hey" he sais a little scar on his lip was twiching, hes nerves.good. 

"im camden michels , son of luke castlen son of hermies and taylor michels daughter of demetere."

right then and their all of his "cute" left and was replaced with hate, this boys father almost killed all of demigod kind.

including my mother. 

oh this just got real.


sorry about the spelling this is my first percy jackson fanfic. so i hpoe you liked it leave me acomment if you wish to be in the story. 

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