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5. Nico di Angelo

 Nicos pov

  I sniffled and wiped the teas that grudgingly made their way out of my eyes . Wiping them away I knocked softly on the door of the Poseidon cabin with my un occupied hand , hope ing she would answer. Not her loathsome brother . He made this happen . I feel the size of the fresh bruise on my cheek, ' it probably bad' I thought 'but Iv had worse'. She opened the dark cherry wood door , gods she was in her under where and a big tee-shirt . 

" gods Nico, what happened " she gasped lifting my chin to see the bruise on my left cheek , she ran her soft thumb on my jaw line and I winced but leant into her soft girlish touch. Percynever touched   me this softly .

" percy happened " I wispered horsily  " he was flirting with Anna again " I said , a few tears escaping my dark brown eyes. The daughter of Poseidon took me in her arms and gently closed the door , and I found myself in the valley between her breasts .

 Your pov

 I gently took the boy in my arms placing his head on my chest as he sobbed quietly into me . He quieted and slowly moved his head to the crook of my neck and lightly started sucking at the base . I shuddered under his slow feather light kisses and touches , I laced my fingers through his midnight black hair , encouraging him .

" N-nico what are you doing-g " I gasped as the pail boy bit unto my soft spot. 

" what dose it look like " he mumbled " getting to you " 

"W-what-t " I gasp as his hand moved to my not so covered but.

 He sighed and looked up at me with his brown eyes that where now a dark black clouded over . Lust

-/-/-/-/-/-time skip-/-/-/-/-/-/ 

I sighed contently , turning over to face him . He was smiling . He looked at me through his dark lashes , me stroking his still very bruised cheek . He put an olive colored hand over my own  smiling showing his dimpled cheeks , and light brushes of freckles on his flushed cheeks.

"Nico ?" I say

 "huuum" he hums 

" how did I get so lucky" 


sorry I haven't updated in so long ! Hope you lovelies love the chapter ! Happy 2014!


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