one shots! :)

in the title lovelies!


4. harry potter ( yes i know he is fake)

    I crossed my legs nervously as I wait in Migonalls empty class room "all going well and according too plan" I say to myself in a hushed whisper, it was my job as perfect to watch over the detentions , in which(he he ) consisted of Harry Potter. yes the harry potter. he is well known as the schools slut after his girlfriend Ginny died. he has shagged almost every girl in school, almost. every one but me. and I would like to keep it that way.

"what's going well" said a now aperient voice from behind.

" nothing that concerns you, potter" I say holding back a grimace. I very much disliked harry, and that's coming from a hufflepuff.( for those who don't know , a hufflepuff is really nice and likes about everyone.)

 I turn to see him raising an eyebrow at me " and why is that?" he asks

 I huff, and cross my arms over my chest , so he will stop staring.

  Then I got an idea. beat him at his own game.

 " oh I duno " I say whist un folding my arms and unbuttoning my robe, my shirt , came right above my bra , because I took my sweater off before hand.

I slowly walked up to him, pulling the end of my skirt up, then down  .I tugged his tie down then slipped it on myself, walking mockingly in a circle around him, pushing what he cant have. Wont have.

I slowly slid off his belt , and saw a dent in his boxers .

'good ' I think ' this is working'

 Then , keeping eye contact with him slid on my robe and walked out the door , to the girls dorms when I spotted Herminie.

she promptly walks over and asks

"isn't that harry tie?"

"yes" I say " I broke the heart bracker





sorry for the late chapter. I have so sick lately , but now im feeling ok and decided to wright a chapter for you lovelies to enjoy , so enjoy!




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