Black Maid; Kuromeido [Fanfiction Black Butler]

**READ**"Just let me go!" Ciela,a 10 year old girl, screamed. "Shut your damn mouth,child!" The stranger said,putting Ciela down. She was about to run but she was tied up on a chair. "He-" Before she could finish the stranger put duck-tape around her mouth. "It's time to___you." The person said darkly. Ciela barely heard what the person said,too worried If her parents cared that she's gone. Ciela felt other presences around her. People in white cloaks appeared out of no where when the torches had been lit. One of them approached with a knife. Ciela's eyes widened in fear,"Don't worry child,this won't hurt a bit,well not for us of course,"Ciela heard before everything turned black.


9. Short Story #3

 Short Story #3: Adore You (Ciel x Alois)
  "Oneechan..." A small voice said in the dark night,Alois was awake,he couldn't sleep,he looked around. He saw it was his little brother,Ciel. 
  "What is it Ciel?" Alois said wearily standing up. There was a little light from the moonlight,Alois lit up the lamp beside him. 
  "Can I sleep with you oneechan? I'm scared and I wanna sleep with you." Ciel said running to my bed. He held his arms out for me to carry him up. I smiled,he's so adorable. I carried him up and placed him next to me. I blew out the lamp and Ciel held onto me. I turned and faced his small body. His face was close to mine. I held my arms out for him,he slid over and went into my arms. 
 "I wuv you oneechan,"Ciel mumbled,sleepy. 
  "Heh,I love you too Ciel,"Alois said,smiling in the darkness. 
-ALOIS,25 CIEL 18- 
 "Hey oneechan!" Ciel,18, said to his older brother,Alois. 
  "Hmm?" Alois,25,said doing paperwork. Alois hasn't gotten married yet but has a wife arranged for him. Ciel refused a fiancé when he was younger. He wanted to choose his own lover. The weird thing is that he wasn't into women,Alois wasn't aware of that.
 "I was thinking,do you even like your fiancé?" Ciel said pulling the chair from the other side of the table next to Alois. 
 "Why do you ask that?" Alois said putting his pencil down and looking at Ciel. 
 "Just asking." 
 "Well...Tiffany isn't a great fiancé but a nice woman,although she was just a girl I hated in the private school. I wasn't looking forward to marrying her in the future but I learned to accept it," Alois responded,Ciel then grinned. 
 "Well then,I can do this then," Ciel said placing his lips onto Alois'. Alois' eyes widened and he held onto Ciel's shoulders. He pushed away and stared at Ciel in disbelief. 
 "Oneechan you never noticed that I loved you. Not in the sibling way,but as in true love." 
 Alois was shocked,
 "Ciel we're brothers how—" 
Ciel leaned over once more and kissed Alois.
 "So what it could be a secret," Ciel said his forehead against,Alois wasn't sure if he could do this,but he loves Alois and wants to make him happy. So he decided why not.
 "Fine." Alois said before Ciel sat on Alois' lap and hugged him,
 "I love you oneechan," Ciel said into Alois' chest,Alois pet Ciel's hair,
 "I love you too,Ciel. I love you too..." 

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