Black Maid; Kuromeido [Fanfiction Black Butler]

**READ**"Just let me go!" Ciela,a 10 year old girl, screamed. "Shut your damn mouth,child!" The stranger said,putting Ciela down. She was about to run but she was tied up on a chair. "He-" Before she could finish the stranger put duck-tape around her mouth. "It's time to___you." The person said darkly. Ciela barely heard what the person said,too worried If her parents cared that she's gone. Ciela felt other presences around her. People in white cloaks appeared out of no where when the torches had been lit. One of them approached with a knife. Ciela's eyes widened in fear,"Don't worry child,this won't hurt a bit,well not for us of course,"Ciela heard before everything turned black.


10. 7; Make Me Happy

 Ciela slumped back on her bed,making Ciel shift in his sleep. A few tears streamed down Ciela's face.
"Just why did he leave me alone...?" Ciela said wiping her tears with her hand. 
 'I just wish I could be happy...just once in life'
Ciela thought in her head until an idea popped up in her head. She shook Ciel awake and Ciel wouldn't budge. She tried once more and Ciel finally woke up. 
 "What is it Ciela?" Ciel said rubbing his eyes with one of his hands. 
 "Ciel would you offer me a contract?" Ciela spoke eagerly,Ciel stared at her for a moment then shook his head,
 "What makes you think I'm a demon—"
 "I've seen your expressions Ciel,you're demon eyes appear when you're mad or you demand something. Sure you still have your contract eye but you're still in a contract with Sebastian and he never ate you soul," Ciela said out of the blue,
 "J-Just how did you know that!?" Ciel said a little frightened by Ciela,Ciela was confused,did she know that?
 "I—I don't know why I said that..." 
 "Anyways even if I am a demon I don't know how to form a contract," Ciel said,Ciela frowned,
 "Can you at least try? I really,just really want you to help me on this," Ciela pleaded,Ciel didn't want to make her disappointed. 
 "Okay,just give me your hand." Ciel sighed holding his hands out. Ciela placed her hands on Ciel's,
 "What is your desire princess Ciela?" A different voice came out of Ciel's mouth,it sounded different. It was lower than Ciel's normal voice. Ciela stared at Ciel,she saw Ciel's demon eyes appeared,like another part of Ciel was speaking. That other part was Ciel's inner demon. 
 "I-I want to be happy!" Ciela spoke,Ciel nodded,
 "Are you sure you would like to make this contract even if you are in a contract with another demon?" Ciela hesitated but said it,
 "Yes. Yes I would like to." Ciel nodded and let go,his demon eyes disappeared,Ciel was back. 
 "Wow—" he stopped mid sentence when he saw Ciela's contract eye was different. It was a star in the middle of her eye and slanted lines connecting to each of the points of the star. Around it were circles,her contract eye was colored aqua (A/N: I will post a picture of it)
 "Did it work?" Ciela asked,Ciel was about to answer until he passed out. 
 Ciel opened his eyes to find plain darkness all around him. He saw the same black feathers just like when he summoned Sebastian,Ciel looked all around until a familiar tall figure appeared. It was Sebastian,
 "Young master you formed a contract with mistress Ciela,did you not?" Sebastian spoke,Ciel nodded,
 "How did you know?" 
 "I heard everything while passing by your bedroom. Young master what you do not know is that Ciela just made a death wish. She wants to die,that is what would make her happy,"Sebastian responded holding out his hand for Ciel. Ciel took Sebastian's hand and stood up,
 "Why would she–" 
 "She was always alone," Sebastian said turning Ciel around to face a floating screen with Ciela alone in a small room,she was playing with a stick and pointing it around everywhere like a knight. She looked younger like she was 5. She ran outside a door and to outside. Ciela ran over to a boy who was picking fruit from a garden. He had blonde hair and blue eyes from where Ciel could see. It strangely looked like Alois.
 "Hyaa!" She said poking the stick at the boy. 
 "Stop playing knight and help me steal this fruit!" The boy said grabbing a bunch of grapes from a small grapevine. 
 "Hey what are you kids doing!?" A loud deep voice yelled. The boy quickly started to run away,leaving Ciela by herself,staring at the boy running away. Ciela looked confused and turned around. A fat,tall man was staring down at her. 
 "You were with that little shit weren't you?" The man said glaring down at Ciela. Ciela nodded slowly,scared,
 "Bad children need to get punished," the man said taking the stick from Ciela's small hands,Ciela was frozen in fear staring up at the man. The man then started to smack Ciela with the stick. Afterwards Ciela was cornered in bruises,Ciel stared at the screen,horrified at the sight of the little girl. 
 "Sebastian I do not want to watch this—" 
 "You must watch it for you will know why she wants this contract,"Sebastian said cutting Ciel off. The screen was playing things that seemed like memories,Ciela getting older. One of them showed Ciela being thrown into a lake by a older girl. A boy that looked like her went in and helped her out. Another one showed her a bit older like 8,she was hugging the same boy who helped her out of the lake. She looked like she was crying. Two other boys came and handed her a cloth damp with water. She was covered in blood. 
 "I had to kill him,he wouldn't stop abusing me while you guys were gone," Ciela cried into the boys shoulder. Ciel wanted to turn away,Ciela's childhood was more terrible than his was. The boys left her in the same little room and she waved sadly at them while they had a bag with them,they were going to take food. 
 "I wish I could stay longer with you guys...but I'm a weak girl,"Ciela whispered sobbing into her bloody hands. Ciela sat there looking at the door,she started coughing up blood, 
 'Why would they leave her in such a bad state!?'Ciel thought staring at Ciela suffocating from blood coming out of her mouth. He couldn't bare to see the screen. After that the boys came back and helped her. Just by themselves. 
 'Why don't they tell their parents?'
"Where were their parents you ask? They're orphans,they take food from the other villagers. They DID have parents but the children never knew they were dead while the parents were out hunting for a long time,"Sebastian said making Ciel look at him. So Ciela went through pretty much the same thing. After that Ciela looked older and she was asleep and the small room she was in suddenly caught on fire. None of the boys were in there with her. Ciela immediately jumped up and started to scream for one of the boys. She ran out and saw the whole village was on fire. She ran around screaming the two boys' names.
 She came up to two dead bodies. Which were both of the boys except the blonde haired one. Ciela started to cry and hugged both of the dead bodies. A day after that she was taken from the village to a church with an old woman, when she arrived in a dark room they cut the side of her body leaving a huge scar. The stitched up the side while she was passed out. They took her to a cell and a nun,the same old woman,whipping Ciela from behind. The nun left the cell and Ciela sat there with marks all over her. She closed her eyes and the screen disappeared. 
  "Ciela lived a hard life just like you did,young master. The only way for her to be happy is nothing. Just dying. But since you formed a contract with her while she was with another demon,you and Sebrina must fight for Ciela's soul. What I know is that you will use me,your pawn,to fight my sibling," Sebastian said,
 'Sibling? That's why the contract sign looked familiar,'Ciel thought. Another screen appeared and it showed Ciela next to Ciel,her chest had blood on it. She was barely breathing,Ciel was crying. 
 "Take my soul," Ciela whispered. 
The screen faded,
 "That is all I can show you,young master." Sebastian said quietly disappearing in the darkness. Ciel didn't want to wake up to know that Ciela would die in who knows what day in the future. Ciel suddenly woke up. Ciela was asleep already. Ciel stared into the darkness of the room,what is this feeling.
 A/N Updated! Sorry if chapter was crappy :p

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