Black Maid; Kuromeido [Fanfiction Black Butler]

**READ**"Just let me go!" Ciela,a 10 year old girl, screamed. "Shut your damn mouth,child!" The stranger said,putting Ciela down. She was about to run but she was tied up on a chair. "He-" Before she could finish the stranger put duck-tape around her mouth. "It's time to___you." The person said darkly. Ciela barely heard what the person said,too worried If her parents cared that she's gone. Ciela felt other presences around her. People in white cloaks appeared out of no where when the torches had been lit. One of them approached with a knife. Ciela's eyes widened in fear,"Don't worry child,this won't hurt a bit,well not for us of course,"Ciela heard before everything turned black.


3. 3; Prissy Princess

-Chapter 3-

'That girl is such an annoying being I don't understand how she is the Queens' child.'
Ciel thought glaring down at his feet. Ciel heard a knock on the door and responded with,
"It is open." 
It revealed to be Sebastian,
"Young master that was rather rude that you run off like that,"
Sebastian said coming inside.
"So what? That girl is such a disgrace to being the Queens' daughter,she's more annoying than Lizzy,she acts like she's better than every-"
"So that's what you think of me you stupid earl!"
A sudden voice boomed. 
"Young mistress I don't think you should-"
"Shut up Sebrina! 'That girl is such a disgrace to being the Queens' daughter' I thought you were already old enough to learn your manners! You don't even act like a real earl,you're a childish idiotic kid!"
The princess yelled,her face red. All of the people in the room were surprised at Ciela's actions. Ciel raised one of his eyebrows then smirked.
"Spasm(A/N You know like Spaz XD),"
"Sebrina....I want to go home."
Ciela growled looking back at her maid.
"Mistress we cannot leave until we are certain you are no longer in danger from the Prince,please calm down."
Sebrina replied,emotionless as always. Ciel then sighed,
"Oh what fun it would've been if you left already or never came."
"Young master-!"
Sebastian said widening his eyes. 
"Please show me to my room,"
Ciela said in a small voice,annoyed by the Earl Phantomhive,
"Princess your room is here,"
Sebastian responded knowing Ciela wouldn't be so happy. Ciela tried to stay calm,breathing in and out. 
"Thank you,butler."
Ciela muttered sitting in one of the chairs in the room. Sebastian nodded then exited out of the room. Sebrina then kneeled down to Ciela and whispered in her ear,
"Please behave,mistress. This is to protect you,not because we want you to,alright?"
Ciela nodded,Sebrina stood up and bowed to both of them saying to be excused. As she left Ciela glanced at Ciel and glared at him. 
"Why do you dislike me?"
Ciela muttered looking down at her slippers. 
"Me? You're the one who started to call me a short earl and act all prissy!"
Ciel responded standing up from his bed. 
"Alright think of me as prissy all you want but I-you know what never mind.... By the way aren't you engaged for 3 or 4 years already?"
Ciela asked looking back at Ciel. Ciel nodded,
"What about you? Aren't you supposed to have a fiancé too?"
Ciela then turned red,
"Yes,his name is Alois. From the Trancy estate. I'm not really sure why the Prince of France wants to marry me if I'm already engaged,"
Ciel stared intently at the ground thinking,
'I thought Alois was dead!? Did he become a demon...?'
Ciela and Ciel heard the door open and Sebrina and Sebastian stood there with Ciel and Ciela's night wear.
"Mistress and Earl,it is already time to sleep. Tomorrow we will have to travel to the Trancy Estate for a important event."
Sebrina said immediately going up to Ciela to get her dressed. Sebrina took Ciela to a corner so the opposite wouldn't see Ciela change. After both of the children got ready they had to sleep together, Ciela blushed as she slid next to Ciel to sleep. 
"Good night princess and young master,"
Sebastian turned off the lights and left with Sebrina.
"This is just uncomfortable,"
Ciela whined glancing at Ciel.
"I know,we have to do this every night until that French Prince gives up on you."
Ciel responded slowly closing his eyes. Soon Ciela did the same and both of them fell asleep,not noticing or feeling that their hands intertwined.

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