The Replacement

Few but some, kids have been replaced when they were born to feed the devils wife. This happens every 7 years but 1 year two kids in the same neijhborhood got taken away so 2 new people come in. Jasmin and Michael, now they have to stop the devil and his horrible wife.


2. 5 years later

Im in a different room when I awake. The room is black and red my favorite colors.I have knives up on the wall with my blood on them. My new parents have'nt noticed that im emo yet. They will sooner or later, I prefer later though. I get up and get dressed. I wear my shredded jeans and a see-through blood red, tight tee. I pull on my converse and walk downstairs.

" Goodmorning mother."

" Goodmorning,did you sleep well?"

" Yes very much thank you. What is for breakfest?"

" Your favorite! Biscuits and gravy with bacon!"

" YES! Sorry I had to get that out."

We both start laughing I eat my food in silence,grab my bag and head for school. I pull out my Nokia (phone) and start playing Falling in Reverse, Goo girl Bad guys. I get to school and see my best friends Carlos and Dwayne waiting for me.

"Damn you look good!"

I start laughing. "Thanks I guess."

We all walk in and people start to part the hallway for us. We stop at our lockers and grab our skateboards and head to the parking lot.

"Carlos do a 360! Ready, set, go!"

He does it perfect but falls off his board. I start riding and all of a sudden I fall off my board in the middle of the parking lot. A car starts coming at me. I hear Dwayne running towards me. He picks me up real fast and carries me back to the sidewalk. I look over and I see my board split in 2!

" You should've just left me and saved the board!"

" I would never do that!"

" That's why your my best friend!"

We pull into a hug. Carlos comes in and joins. They decide to squish me till im coughing. They let me go and start laughing. I have one hand in Carlos's and and the other in Dwayne's as we walk into the school.

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