The Keeper

Phoenix Worth had a happy life, until her parents died in a fire. She was sent to an orphanage that was broken down and old. She was only aloud to bring anything that she needs and that was her mothers necklace and her fathers book.

A total of 6934 words.


4. The Top Hat Man and The Fat Man

Chapter 4

The Top Hat Man and The Fat Man

Charlie explained some more of what he was.

"Humans could see me because I have features of a human."

"Excuse me. I need to get a toy for my son."

"I will take care of that." Hawk went over to the lady.

"Charlie. Do you know those two guys that were here yesterday?" I questioned.

"Oh they are henchman of our Queen's brother." Benny said.

"Their names are Phil and Will. You need to look out. Have you seen them anywhere today?" Charlie questioned.

"Yes. At the bakery were I work." I said.

"I think they are following you because they believe that you're a threat." Hawk said.

"What do you mean. I'm not a threat. . . . right?" I stared at them.

"Well. . . . . you. . . . your. . . . I got nothing." Hawk said. I rolled my eyes. I took off my necklace and kept on looking at the figures. It was a fairy and a goblin.

"Hey guys. Look at my necklace. It has a figure of a goblin and a fairy." I showed them the necklace.

"This was your mother's?" Hawk questioned.

"Yep." I flipped it over and there were words.

"Nec reversi sunt et descenderunt numquam."

"What?" Charlie asked me.

"Never give up and never back down."

"You can speak latin." I nodded.

"Can you read this." Benny gave me a scroll and I opened it.

"Tenebris venit. It means that darkness is coming."

"Really! I thought it meant Happy Birthday!" Benny took the scroll out of my hand. Screech! We ran outside. It was a falcon. It landed on Charlie's head. I got the paper out of it's beak. I opened it.

"It's a map." I looked at the map.

"It's the map of the town. Why would a falcon give us a map?" Hawk asked. I shrugged. I turned it the face the back and there were some words.

"It's in latin. Phoenix can you read it?" Benny asked.

"Yes, but not here. I think I just saw Phil and Will." I said.

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