The Keeper

Phoenix Worth had a happy life, until her parents died in a fire. She was sent to an orphanage that was broken down and old. She was only aloud to bring anything that she needs and that was her mothers necklace and her fathers book.

A total of 6934 words.


2. The Satchel

Chapter 2

The Satchel

I got to the bakery and found Mr.Quimbly.

"Mr.Quimbly. I am here for the job." I said.

"Oh, so your Phoenix. You could start by kneading the dough over there." I took off my jacket and started kneading the dough.


"Here you go."

I was done working for the rest of the day and Mr.Quimbly gave me only twelve cents. I put them in my left pocket and walked back to the orphanage. While I was walking back I saw the goblin again. I walked over to it and took the satchel out of my pocket.

"Excuse me. Is this yours?" I questioned. The goblin looked at me.

"Yes. T-t-thank you. I'm Benny." He took the satchel.

"Well I'm Phoenix." I said. He shook my hand.

"That is a weird first name. My last master said that he named his daughter that name." He said.

"What was your master's last name?" I asked him.

"I can't remember. It was along time ago. I have to go thank you again." I was about to leave when Benny called out my name.

"Phoenix do you know where the place called Wilbur's Toy Shop is?"

"Yes I know where it is. I go there all the time to look at the stuff. Do you want me to take you there or give you the directions?" I asked him.

"I would want you to show me." he answered.

"Okay follow me."


We got to Wilbur's Toy Shop. I opened the door and stepped inside.

"Wilbur! Wilbur!" I called out his name. He came out. I helped the goblin up on the counter.

"Hi Phoenix. Here is the newspaper for Mrs.Fritz." I got the newspaper.

"Do you see the goblin on the counter?" I questioned.

"What goblin? I think you are reading that fairytale book to much."

"Hey, I don't read that book a lot and you don't really see that goblin on the counter! It is right in front if you!"

"Phoenix if there was a goblin on the counter then I want it to close that door." He said pointing to the closet. Benny got down and slammed the closet door. I turned to Wilbur. His jaw dropped to the floor. I laughed at the look on his face. He shook his head.

"I'll be in the back if you need me. Charlie! Your in charge for now!" A guy came in. Benny got up on the counter. The bell rang from the door. A guy in a top hat and another guy who was a bit on the plump side walked in. I saw them before. Along time ago. The guy looked at me and then whispered to the other guy. I stepped away and pretended to look at the toys. Someone grabbed me. I tried to get out, but I can't.

"Let me go!" I cried.

"What are you doing to that girl?" I heard a boys voice questioned.

"Oh it's nothing my boy."

"Let her go!" Charlie yelled. The man let me go and ran out the door followed by the other guy. Benny got behind me. Charlie took me out. The boy came out with us.

"Benny who is this girl?"

"Oh. This is Phoenix. Phoenix this is Charlie and Hawk."

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