The Keeper

Phoenix Worth had a happy life, until her parents died in a fire. She was sent to an orphanage that was broken down and old. She was only aloud to bring anything that she needs and that was her mothers necklace and her fathers book.

A total of 6934 words.


5. The Hidden Door

Chapter 5

The Hidden Door

Me, Benny, Charlie, and Hawk walked to the orphanage. I heard yelling inside. I ran and opened the door.

"Mrs.Fritz what happened?" She pointed down the hallway. Phil and Will were standing there. Three of the other kids went with Charlie. Jack stood behind Mrs.Fritz.

"Phoenix!" Phil, the fat guy, was holding Lucy.

"Give her back." I yelled.

"Just give us the map then we will release her."

"No. I won't." I said.

"Okay then we will take her with us." They were about to leave when Henry came back.

"Lucy! Phoenix what is going on? Who are these people?" He asked me.

"Charlie can you explain it to him?" I focused back on Lucy. I got some paper and a pencil out. I wrote down the words from the back. I put it in my pocket.

"Okay. Fine I'll give you the map and you give me Lucy." I said.

"Phoenix you can't do that! We need the map!" Benny cried.

"I have a plan." I gave them the map and they gave me Lucy. I hugged her and she walked over to Mrs.Fritz. Phil and Will looked at map.

"Does master know how to speak latin?"

"Oh! Phoenix does!" Jack said. I glared at him.

"Run!" We ran out the door. Mrs.Fritz stayed at the orphanage. Phil and Will were on our tail. We past many buildings. Charlie stopped suddenly making us fall to the ground.

"Sorry guys." I got up.

"What was it that you had to stop?" Hawk asked.

"Because, I have seen this before." Right in front of us was an abandoned house. I took out the paper.

"Vestibulum in mauris est moenibus latens."

"What does that mean?" Benny asked.

"It means. Hidden in the walls is an entrance to a new world." I answered.

"Should we go inside to see if you are right." Charlie said. We went inside. The house was dark. Hawk searched for the light switch.

"I found it!" I heard a click and the house was filled with light.

"We should split up. Me and Benny. Phoenix and Hawk." Charlie said.

"Okay." They took the upstairs while me and Hawk stay down here.

"Maybe we should look at the walls and the floor." Hawk suggested.

"That would be good." I looked on the floor while he looked at the wall.


It took us almost an hour when Charlie called us.

"You guys. We found something!" We ran up the stairs.

"Where are you guys?" Hawk questioned.

"In here!" We stepped inside the room and saw Charlie trying to open a door. I dug into my bag.

"What are you looking for?" Benny asked.

"The key. I found it!" I took out a skeleton key.

"How did you get that?" Hawk questioned.

"My grandma gave it to me when she died." I gave the key to Charlie and he unlocked the door. He gave me the key back and I put it in my bag. We then went in.

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