The Keeper

Phoenix Worth had a happy life, until her parents died in a fire. She was sent to an orphanage that was broken down and old. She was only aloud to bring anything that she needs and that was her mothers necklace and her fathers book.

A total of 6934 words.


8. The Book

Chapter 8

Four Dimensions

We were at the castle for two days already. The queen and all her servants are at another castel. I don't really know why she had to take all the servants though. Cream, Benny, and Charlie were out getting some information. I gave Fierce some food and went in the library.

"Good morning Phoenix." I looked at the doorway.

"Good morning Hawk." Fierce walked past him.

"What are you doing in here?" he questioned.

"Looking at the books." While Hawk was talking about how I read so much something caught my eye.

"So that is why you read so much. Are you listening?"

"Shut up will you." I grabbed the book and looked at the title.

"The Four Dimensions."

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