The Keeper

Phoenix Worth had a happy life, until her parents died in a fire. She was sent to an orphanage that was broken down and old. She was only aloud to bring anything that she needs and that was her mothers necklace and her fathers book.

A total of 6934 words.


14. Elise



Chapter 14



I walked up to her. 

"Grandma Elise?"  I said. She got up and hugged me. 

"You remember me?" She questioned.

"No the Queen told me." I said. 

"Oh. At least you know me." We sat down. 

We kept on talking when something popped in my head.

"Grandma. When I was talking to the queen she told me the my mother's and father's names were Elizabeth and George. I thought it was Annie and Frank." I said.

"Well. I did name your mother Elizabeth and when your father and mother got married there was a fable of their life for the mortal world," She said sighing at the end. "The fables are in your book  Phoenix." She left and carried on with my day. 

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