The Keeper

Phoenix Worth had a happy life, until her parents died in a fire. She was sent to an orphanage that was broken down and old. She was only aloud to bring anything that she needs and that was her mothers necklace and her fathers book.

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15. Cemparation Mountain


Chapter 15

Cemparation Mountains 


Two weeks past and it was time. We walked up the mountain. It was so dark. A fog rolled in. Little faint footsteps ran among the rocks. I heard laughing. 

"Phoenix Worth is here." Someone whispered. 

"Who said that?" Charlie whispered to us. 

"I don't know." Hawk whispered. We kept on walking up the mountain. Fierce was in front of us. She suddenly stopped. 

"Fierce what is happening?"I said. I don't know. There are little people running towards us.

"The minions." We got ready. The Queen's minions came running then stopped. 

"Phoenix Worth," One whispered. "Inform the Queen." 

"Charlie." I said.

"Yes." He looked at me.

"You got this right?" 

"Yep." Benny, Hawk, Fierce, and I ran to through the goblins. Charlie stayed behind. I hope he is okay. We got to the castle. The doors opened and we went inside.

"I knew you would come to fight me." She said walking down from her throne.

"You killed my parents. Why did you?" I questioned. 

"You already know the answer, but I will tell you. I killed your parents because I wanted to rule Aveolan." Charlie came right behind us.

"Hey. What did I miss?" He said. 

"Not that much." Benny said. 

"Are you guys going to stop talking or I have to obliterate you?" Aunt Susan sat back down on her throne. 

"If you wanted to rule Aveolan then why didn't you rule it?" Hawk asked her. 

"I needed one essential thing. The watch that George had." 

"You mean this?" I took out the pocket watch from my bag.

"Where did you find that." She walked over to me.

"Back at WinterGreen where your sister is." 

"My sister rules WinterGreen? I never knew that." Cream came and I gave her the watch. 

"Thanks Phoenix." She walked over to Aunt Susan. Cream gave it to her. The plan was working.

"Thank you." Aunt Susan was about to walk over to me when she tripped. The minions went to her, helping her get up.

"Get off of me you filthy varmints!"

"Hehe. You don't even know what you have in your hand do you?" Emma asked.

"I have the watch. I now can rule Aveolan." The minions cheered. 

"Silence!" An old man came in.

"Father Pat? We thought that you were dead." 

"That's what she said." He pointed his cane at Aunt Susan.

"You lied!" One minion yelled. 

"You said you would be honest to us!"

"As long as I have this watch I could give you many things. Yeah many many things!" Aunt Susan said. She backed up.

"Get her!" The old man cried. Minion after minion went to her. 

"No! No! Get away from me! Phoenix. I'm your aunt. A part of your family."

"You are my family, but only by blood not status." I said and took the watch from her.

I walked to the old man.

"Excuse me, sir. I want you to have this." I said.

"Your the daughter of King George. I am glad to meet you and thank you for the watch." He took the watch carefully and gave it to a minion next to him. He started biting it. 

"Sorry about that. He's not that bright." He whispered. I nodded.

"Come on Phoenix. They have everything a taken care of." Hawk said. 


The five of us walked back to the doorway and said goodbye to Jackson and Emma.

We walked back to the street and everyone was doing their early rounds. The door opened behind us.

"Phoenix you forgot this." Emma gave me my book.

"Thanks Emma." She waved a goodbye and left.

"Lets go." Charlie said. We walked back to the orphanage. Hawk grabbed a newspaper and said.

"Phil and Will are captured and been sent to jail!"

"Really?" He gave me the newspaper and he was right. They were captured. 

"Oh, Benny. What will happen to Aveolan?" I asked. 

"Remember when the painter came to paint you, Charlie, Hawk, Emma, Jackson, The Queen and I a few weeks ago." 

"Yes I do remember that." 

"They are going to hang it up in the kingdom. Newspapers are already there with the picture of the painting saying. THE PRINCESS OF AVEOLAN IS ALIVE! In bold letters." He smiled.

"Cool. Can we see the newspaper?" I asked.

"No. Well until it reaches here we can." We walked inside to see Mrs. Fritz, Jack, Lucy, and Henry eating.

Lucy looked up.


"Hi." There was a knock on the door.

"I'll get it." Charlie left.

"Hey Phoenix! Come here." I went over to him. 

"Hello. Do I know you?" 

"I'm Doug Worth. Your older brother." 


"How come you weren't there when the war started?" Benny asked. We were inside the toy shop right now. 

"I was sent here from Mom and Dad. They wanted me to get some weapons. I was thirteen at the time. People at Aveolan didn't treat me as a prince. They treated me as a royal messenger." He said.

"Did you hate being treated like that?" I asked.

"I loved it. I got a feeling to be you know normal. But Mom and Dad still treated me as their son and a prince. Well sometimes." 

"So when you came back you saw me and then took me to the orphanage." He nodded. Doug was the royal messenger. He has to rule Aveolan now since he's twenty three.

"Bye Doug." 

"It's like you are the one who is the keeper. Mom and Dad said one of us will. Grandma Elise picked you because she know you will have great potential." I hugged him and he left. I'll see my brother again, but this time I will just live my life. As I am told by my brother, I'm the keeper of both worlds.

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