The End. (a hunger games fan fiction)

*this is an exerpt from the story*
Tears rolled down my face. My voice dead, my mouth still in a wide 'o' from screaming. My ears were ringing, as I grasped for my life. I was going to die. I screamed for my mother, for my best friend. For anyone to answer. And all I got was nothing. As I grasped the air, I could feel my life slipping through my clenched fingers.
*Sorry if it's not as long as you would like. This is going quicker than I expected.*


12. Twelve

"We need to find water." I wake up, hacking. If I had anything in my stomach, I would be losing all of it.

"I'll scout ahead." Chase quietly says, walking away from our little hiding spot. We hollowed out a giant oak, digging a hole underground, concealed by bushes.

"Ugh!" I hear Chase grunt. Soon, he's back in the tree, mud clinging to his leg.

"Mud! C'mon! Mud means water!" I loudly whisper. Ash and Chase follow, slipping and slidinh in the wet mud. As we near the water, I see a familiar figure. Gabe. So I throw a knife at him, it landimg squarely in his back. Wrong move. He turns around, two rocks in his hand. I stepped back, but Ash stands frozen in her spot. And before I can realize what's happening, Ash's head is bashed in.

"You next, coal twins." Gabe grunts, running off. I run to Ash, her small body crumpled. 

"Win for me." I hear her weeze, blood covering her face.

"I will." I say, crying. All I have left is Chase.

"Come on. We need to hide." I say, as four cannons go off. One's for Ash, the other three probably from career victims. Now there's eleven of us. The creers, Chase and I for sure. But I wonder who else died. I haven't been keeping track of districts.

I wake up to three cannons. That means nine of us. Careers probably killed more. And Gabes picture hasn't shown up as other faces go up. That means Chase, Gabe, Careers and I. And Careers will start thier fight to death. And then Trees tart falling around us, Chase and I rinning for our lives. I spot Gabe, an dhear a couple cannons. I'm not sure how many. This game is ending fast.

"Chase, If I dIe, win." I say. He nods grimly.

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