The End. (a hunger games fan fiction)

*this is an exerpt from the story*
Tears rolled down my face. My voice dead, my mouth still in a wide 'o' from screaming. My ears were ringing, as I grasped for my life. I was going to die. I screamed for my mother, for my best friend. For anyone to answer. And all I got was nothing. As I grasped the air, I could feel my life slipping through my clenched fingers.
*Sorry if it's not as long as you would like. This is going quicker than I expected.*


13. Thirteen

Trees have stopped falling. Over half the forest is gone. I'm layimg under the stars, keeping lookout. I spot the night sky. Gabe is still alive but both the one distrits are dead, and the boy tribute from four. That means Gabe, Chase, two, the girl from four, and I are alive. Six.

"Chase, do you think the careers will kill Gabe?" I ask.

"I hope so. He killed both Seda and Ashwood." He mutters.

"Yeah. I hope it doesn't come down to us, no offense, but as I said, I won't kill." I quietly say.

"Yeah." He mutters, his eyes fluttering close. I smiled, keeping mu eyes on the stars. One peaceful moment.

"Wake up!" Chase is yelling at me. My eyes are staindd with a red shell. Blood. My head feels woozy. I feel the top of my head, and feel a dent.

"Gabe's rock." I mutter.

"Yes. I'll carry you." It's a good thing I'm small and light.

"Here, drink this." He says, shakily handing me a waterskin. I drink it all, unaware of my surroundings.

"The girls from four died. Two is alive, and I got Gabe good enough that he's about dead. I've been trying to wake you for about an hour."He's saying. And I hear a cannon. "Probably Gabe." 

I'm so dizzy that I can't say a thing. And another cannon goes off. One from two. That means that it's us and a two tribute.

"Hey, It's gonna be okay." Chase said. I notice he left the packs behind. But I still can't speak. "I'm laying you down." 

"Kay." I groan. I hear footsteps, but barely with the dried blood caking my body.

"Ah. So there are the twins. And I seee your weak sister is almost dead. How about i put her out of her misery? Well, after I put you out of yours." A female.

"Never." Chase says, and I hear a cannon. Chase is still talking. "You will win. Tell mom I love her." Chase says. He puts knife through his heart, and staggers until he's next to me. A cannon tells me he's dead. And it's all black.

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