The End. (a hunger games fan fiction)

*this is an exerpt from the story*
Tears rolled down my face. My voice dead, my mouth still in a wide 'o' from screaming. My ears were ringing, as I grasped for my life. I was going to die. I screamed for my mother, for my best friend. For anyone to answer. And all I got was nothing. As I grasped the air, I could feel my life slipping through my clenched fingers.
*Sorry if it's not as long as you would like. This is going quicker than I expected.*


5. Five

It's giant. It's suppose to be Chase and my home before the games. But I won't call it that. They took me from my home. We step into a GIANT elevator, that has twelve buttons. And each district has it's own FLOOR!  I stepped into the elevator, and we started going up. I smiled. It is Really fun riding that elevator! As soon as Effie, Haymitch, Chase and I got to the top, I leaned over to him. 

"Oh. My. God. That was AWESOME!"  I said. Chase smiled, nodded his head, and in a feeble attempt to stop it, laughed. I couldn't help but laugh, too. Effie huffed at us, like we were a couple of mental patients. But we were just two twins being locked in an arena, forced to kill each other. No big deal.

I haven't seen haymitch at all. Not since the train. And it also turns out, Effie stays with us throughout the time before the games. Yay! Said no one ever. Haymitch needed to start helping us. Otherwise, I'm doomed.

"You know, Ivy, that you did a beautiful job! The costume was ugly, but you did a beautiful job!" Effie said. It was hard to take her seriously, but she was.

"Thank you, Effie." I said. I smiled at her, trying to cover up a scowl.

"And such manners! I will do my best to get you sponsors." She smiled brighter. Her wig was now scarlet, her white smile being framed by a dark rose color. I stifled a laugh, as her smile shone through all the heavily applied makeup. 

As I walked into my room, I stopped in my tracks. My jaw dropped, and I stared in awe at all the plush fabric.

"Ivy, it is just a room. Nothing you haven't seen before. And I will call you for dinner." Effie said, before walking out.

'Nothong you haven't seen before.' I scoffed at the idea. The bed was enormous! It was covered in soft fabric, the curtains were beautiful, with many eccentric designs on them. My first reaction was to take a shower. The water was steaming hot. I recoiled, surprised at first, but suddenly enjoying it. My fingers started to wrinkle. I shut the shower head off, and started to dry myself.i stood on a plush mat, and my whole body was suddenly covered in air. It was being dried. In less them two minutes,  my hair was dry, too, thanks to a contraption that had it flow, glossily down. I tried doing what my stylist did. I left two stands on hair out of a tight pony tail. I took a curling iron, and curled those two strands into what would be a spring, then curled my pony tail. Surprisingly, it wasn't an epic fail. There was another machine that let you choose any outfit. I just decided to go with black pants and a red shirt. My shoes were boots, laced up to my calf. I smiled, looking at myself in the mirror. 'Not too bad,' I thought. I may not be a professional stylist, but I'm pretty good.

"Dinner" Effie said, knocking on my door. I realized Haymith would be joining us. 

"Just a minute!" I said, sweetly. I scowled, walking out of the room. I walked down the stairs. I may have been so hungry, I could eat a horse, but not hungry enough to eat with Haymitch and Effie. I entered the dining room, and to my surprise, saw the stylists. Trista was there, but alonG witha male that I was sure to be my brother's stylist. At least I wouldn't have to eat alone with Haymitch and Effie, but to be fair, I would rather have H and E in a worst case scenario.

"Hello, Haymitch. " I commented, nastily. "Have you reconsidered my proposal?" 

"You're not going to leave me alone, will you?" He groaned.

"nope. But I'll let you drink this one last time." I regretted that, because by the end of the night, Haymitch was dead drunk.

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