shes the one

I guess you could say I have a thing for her, but I'm not so sure.
there's a lot I don't know of, and a lot to find out.
how will it end for us? I'm afraid we have to wait and see..


2. chapter two

so many faces my eyes scan across each a every day, but without fail, there is always one beautiful face that I never miss.

I don't believe anyone can just miss such dazzling eyes, so blue they almost make you feel the movement of the ocean run through your body, absorbing you into a date of calm, no matter what kind of mood you're in.

sometimes if you pay enough attention you notice a deep black comforting the outside of her iris as pure green streaks pulse through them, giving her a mysterious edge that you can't ignore.

her names Everleigh. it's so unusual, the kind of name you don't hear very often, that's what makes it so special to me, unique.

she probably doesn't even know I exist, which upsets me. we've never spoke and I wish more than anything that we did, but I'm genuinely terrified of messing up!

the last thing I want to do is scare her off.. so for now I'm content with just noticing all the little things about her, admiring her from a fat.

for a reason which I fail to figure out, she's always alone, ever since she moved here. she must just enjoy her own company, and looking at the society we live in, can you blame her?

so many girls fuss over their hair and make up for hours each morning, but not her. she's naturally perfect.

not a touch of make up takes presence upon her skin.

her long luscious locks hang elegantly upon her shoulders, a shade of brown that's indescribable to me and my small mind. I'm mesmerized by her beauty, I'm clueless as to why she's not seen fighting off all the boys.

she's irresistible

during class, whilst listening to the teachers, I watch as she twiddles her hair within her fingers carelessly in her own little world.

hero at adorable feature has to be the way she kind of pokes her tongue out of the side of her mouth whilst she's concentrating and tilts her head to the left ever so slightly

I get the feeling something's troubling her, I don't know her so I'm not in the position to make any assumptions about her life.. but I can't help but worry as she looks around her and pulls her sleeves down cautiously, in the boiling hot summer..

sometimes as she's carrying books through the halls her sleeves glide up and I notice faint scars abruptly intruding within her olive skin, even more upsetting is when I see te cuts

cuts that you can see are recent, she's not proud of them, but they're a part of her now.

oh how I crave to know the stories behind each of them, I wish to know what she's going through, I just want to know she's going to be alright...

it makes me sad thinking about how hard it must be to get through each day when you have to harm yourself to feel alive, to free yourself from the demons in your mind.

nobody deserves to feel that pain

especially not her.

*** hi I'm really new and I love writing but I've never had anything read, so please help me out and give your opinions? please tell me of this is worth continuing

thank you ---- nadia ***

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