Imperfection ~ An Alex Gaskarth Fanfiction

Cassidy Merrick is a 19-year-old girl who is always on tour with her cousin Zack Merrick and his band All Time Low. Cassidy has been with the band from the very beginning and has supported them through everything. She's always been there for them. Especially her best friend; Alex Gaskarth. Cassidy has always had feelings for Alex but his girlfriend Jess always gets in the way. Will Cassidy ever get her chance with him? Or will her dreams be crushed forever. Find out more when you read: "Imperfection"


7. Chapter 7

      *Author's note* Sorry this chapter is short and a little terrible! My mind wasn't sure of what to write! Please give me some feedback about what you guys think about the story so far! :D


      I stopped crying after about a minute and pulled away from Jack, looking at his wet shirt.

      "Sorry about that. I'll go get you another one." I stood up, but Jack pulled me into his lap and wrapped his arms around me.

      "Cassidy I honestly don't care about my shirt right now. It isn't half as important as you."

      I snuggled into him as he gently rocked me back and forth in his arms. "Thanks Jack."  

      There were noises coming from the door, so I lifted my head from Jack's chest and turned around. The door slowly opened and Alex stepped inside, seeming a little upset. He walked over and sat on the couch next to me and Jack. 

     "Hey Alex." I turned around on Jack's lap to face him. He gave me a small smile.

     "Hey, sorry about Jess earlier. I didn't think she was going to hit you." 

      "Of course you didn't." I mumbled under my breath so Jack was the only one capable of hearing me.

       I slowly stood up and made my way to my room, turning around when I reached the top of the stairs to see Jack and Alex looking at me. I gave a small smile and walked into my room. Taking out my phone I texted Jack asking if he could come in my room with me, I didn't really want to see or talk to Alex right now. Within seconds of me sending the message Jack was at my door.

     "Hey Cassidy, do you want to watch a movie or something? Maybe it'll help take your mind off things." I nodded and climbed into my bed. 

     Jack chose a movie and climbed in next to me. I cuddled into him as he wrapped his arm around my shoulder. As the movie began, I started to think about how close me and Jack were. He was one of my best friends and had always been there for me. When Melanie left he was the only person who would spend hours with me, trying to make me feel better. I'd told him so many secrets and he'd told me so many of his. We'd always been there for each other.


     Apparently I had fallen asleep half way through the movie. I opened my eyes and looked up at Jack, who was still awake.

     "Were you really that tired or is it that I'm really comfortable." Jack smiled.

     "Probably a little bit of both to be honest. Even though I did get more sleep earlier the fact that you're extremely comfortable didn't help." I laughed, smiling back.

     "Yeah I guess. So anyway, what do you want to do now?" 

     "I'm not sure, maybe we can watch another movie or something." I suggested. Jack agreed and chose another movie for us to watch. Luckily I lasted the whole movie this time.

     We ended up spending the rest of the day in my room watching movies, with the exception of getting food. Then after countless movies we finally decided to go to sleep, Jack insisting on staying with me just in case.




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