Imperfection ~ An Alex Gaskarth Fanfiction

Cassidy Merrick is a 19-year-old girl who is always on tour with her cousin Zack Merrick and his band All Time Low. Cassidy has been with the band from the very beginning and has supported them through everything. She's always been there for them. Especially her best friend; Alex Gaskarth. Cassidy has always had feelings for Alex but his girlfriend Jess always gets in the way. Will Cassidy ever get her chance with him? Or will her dreams be crushed forever. Find out more when you read: "Imperfection"


5. Chapter 5

    *Author's note* Sorry for the shortness of the chapter! I'm in the process of writing another! :D


      I slowly opened my eyes, apparently I had fallen asleep in the grass. I stood up and stretched, looking around to see a few people outside doing gardening, talking to their neighbors and washing their cars. I smiled to myself at how peaceful everything was, then checked the time on my phone. 1:00pm.

      I turned to face the house and debated on if I should go inside or not. But someone had disrupted my thoughts by calling out my name. I turned around to see Brooklyn walking over to me. I gave her a small smile as she approached.

      "Hey Cassidy. Why are you still out here?" She asked, sounding concerned. "I didn't want to face Zack so I stayed out here and lied on the grass, apparently I fell asleep." I moved a stray hair out of my face and adjusted the hood on Zack's hoodie. I flinched when I touched the place Jess had hit me earlier.

      "Cassidy your face is bruised!" Brooklyn exclaimed. "I don't care." I mumbled. "I'm going to go inside, I'll talk to you later okay?"

      Brooklyn nodded, giving me a small smile before running over to her house. I sighed and turned to face the house. I walked over to the fancy white door, turned the doorknob and walked inside. I quickly closed the door behind me and walked quickly over to the stairs. I ran up the stairs and into my room, locking the door so no one could get in. I walked over to my small stereo, then went through my multiple CD's choosing my Three Days Grace "One-X" album. I put in the CD and played the second song.

      I walked over to my bed and sat down as the song "Pain" began to play. I had always really liked the song, there was always something about the band that I loved. It was probably because of the lead singer, Adam Gontier's, voice. 

      "Pain, without love. Pain, I can't get enough. Pain, I like it rough. 'Cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all..." The song blared through my speakers as I sang along.


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