Imperfection ~ An Alex Gaskarth Fanfiction

Cassidy Merrick is a 19-year-old girl who is always on tour with her cousin Zack Merrick and his band All Time Low. Cassidy has been with the band from the very beginning and has supported them through everything. She's always been there for them. Especially her best friend; Alex Gaskarth. Cassidy has always had feelings for Alex but his girlfriend Jess always gets in the way. Will Cassidy ever get her chance with him? Or will her dreams be crushed forever. Find out more when you read: "Imperfection"


3. Chapter 3

      I soon awoke and noticed I was cuddled into Alex. I smiled to myself and slowly got up, careful not to wake him. I began to walk out of his room when I heard him begin to stir.

      "Cassidy? What time is it?" He asked groggily. I looked at his clock, "It's 10:12." He nodded his head and sat up. "How'd you sleep?"

      "Pretty good I guess, what about you?" I asked, moving a hair out of my face. "Pretty good. Normally I wouldn't have been able to sleep but I guess since we went out for a little bit it made me kind of tired." He got out of bed and walked over to me. "Thanks for bringing me there, it's been forever since I'd been there and it brought back a lot of memories."

      "Anything for my best friend." I said, hugging him. "We should go get something to eat, I'm starving!" Alex laughed. I nodded in agreement and we walked downstairs. Rian was getting himself some breakfast and Zack was watching TV.

      "I'm guessing Jack is still asleep?" I asked, already knowing the answer. "I know you already know the answer to that Cassidy. He is Jack." Rian laughed.

      I walked over to the cupboard and took out a small bowl. I heard someone clear their throat, so I turned around to see Alex with a confused look on his face. "What about a bowl for me?" I laughed, turning around and to get another bowl. "Whatever you say princess." I teased, giving Alex the bowl. "I'm not a princess! I'm the queen." Alex laughed.

      I walked over and grabbed one of my favorite cereals, then walked over to the fridge and grabbed my milk. "Ohh I'm Cassidy with my special lactose free milk. Ohh." Alex said in a high pitched voice. "Well I can't really help the fact I'm lactose intolerant." I laughed, pouring my cereal into my bowl. I went over and got a spoon from the drawer and sat at the kitchen table and began eating. Rian sat across from me and Alex sat right next to me.

      "Alex you do know it isn't a good idea to sit to the left of me right? We've been through this. I'm left handed and you're right handed, you obviously don't care if we bump elbows." I laughed. "Well I want to sit here. Just because I know it annoys you." He smirked. I playfully hit him in the arm and moved my chair so we wouldn't bump elbows.

      I began to eat my breakfast, but began feeling a little sick so I soon stopped, throwing most of it in the garbage. I put my dishes in the dishwasher and sat down on the couch next to Zack. "Hey Zacky did you get any more sleep last night?" I asked, giving him a hug while leaning my head on his shoulder. "Yeah a little bit, but then I heard you and Alex start laughing and talking which made it a little bit harder to fall asleep." He laughed. "Oh yeah sorry about that." I let go of him and watched a little bit of TV before hearing someone walking down the stairs. I turned around to see Jack sleepily walking down the stairs. "He's alive!" I laughed, getting up and walking over to the boy who was still half asleep.

      He walked over and sat at the kichen table. "Ha ha Cassidy you're so funny." He said, glaring at me. I walked over to him and gave him a hug from behind, resting my head on his shoulder. "Aww is Jack tired?" I said in a baby voice. "Yes he is." He sounded annoyed. I laughed, squeezing him for a second then ruffling his hair.

      "Hey guys are you excited for tour?" I asked excitedly, I'd always gotten to go on tour with then ever since the band had originally formed. I would usually just hang out with them or help out their merch guy Vinny. I'd made a lot of friends from being on the road with them so much, which was odd for me since I was extremely shy.

      "I'm excited!" Alex smiled, raising his hand. I laughed at how cute he was and patted his back. "I know you are Alex." I smiled.

      "I'm excited too!" Zack turned around with a smile on his face. I gave him a thumbs up and smiled. I looked over to Rian then to Jack. "Are you guys excited?" I asked, looking back and fourth between the two. "I am!" Rian said excitedly. "Jack? What about you?" I asked, walking over to him. "Yeah. I'm always excited to go on tour!" Jack said. He still sounded sleepy so I didn't bother getting a more excited answer from him.

      Suddenly Alex's phone rang. "Hello? No I'm just talking to Cassidy and the guys. Can't it wait? Okay fine I'll be over in a few minutes." He hung up and was about to head upstairs until I stopped him. "Alex who was that?" I asked. He stopped in the middle of the stairs and turned around. "It was Jess, she begged me to go over there because She wanted to see me, even though we had seen eachother last night for 4 hours." Alex sighed, continuing to walk upstairs to get changed.

      I sat at the kitchen table next to Jack and sighed. Alex always left to be with Jess for whatever stupid reason she could come up with. Jack looked over at me and noticed I looked a little upset. "Something wrong Cassidy?" He asked, putting his arm around my shoulder. "No nothing's wrong Jack, I'm fine." I fake smiled.

      Alex ran down the stairs and got on his shoes. "See you guys later." He looked over at me and saw I was upset but ignored me and ran out the door.


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