Imperfection ~ An Alex Gaskarth Fanfiction

Cassidy Merrick is a 19-year-old girl who is always on tour with her cousin Zack Merrick and his band All Time Low. Cassidy has been with the band from the very beginning and has supported them through everything. She's always been there for them. Especially her best friend; Alex Gaskarth. Cassidy has always had feelings for Alex but his girlfriend Jess always gets in the way. Will Cassidy ever get her chance with him? Or will her dreams be crushed forever. Find out more when you read: "Imperfection"


2. Chapter 2

       "Cassidy come on tell me where we're going." Alex asked as he climbed into the passenger seat. "It's a surprise and I think you'll like it." I smiled, turning the key to the iginition.

       Alex sat quietly, staring out the window then entire time. He was absolutely perfect and I absolutely loved him. I've always had feelings for him but have never had the courage to tell him how I felt, mostly because he had a girlfriend; Jess. I hated Jess with every fibre of my being. She was extremely rude to me and would always find some silly excuse for Alex to have to leave whenever he was talking to me. She really hates me, but the feeling is mutual. But then again, Alex loves her and I should be happy for him. She is extremely pretty and she would be anyone's first choice.

       "Cassidy? Are we almost there?" Alex snapped me out of my thoughts. "Yeah we should be there any minute." I half smiled, still a little upset from my previous thoughts.

       I turned one final corner and arrived at a park. I stopped the car and looked over at Alex. "We're here." I quickly opened my door and climbed out, the cool breeze gently blowing my hair back. "So the first thing that popped into your head when you said 'adventure' was a park?" Alex joked as he climbed out of the car.

       I walked over to a swing and waved my hand, motioning for Alex to come and join me in the swing next to me. "Come on, this isn't any normal park. Remember when you had first met Zack when Rian introduced you guys here? This was technecially where All Time Low had originally formed. This was also the place you first met me, since I was always hanging out with Zack." I laughed, remembering how much of a douchebag Alex was.

       Alex smiled as he sat in the swing next to me. "Yeah I remember but did you have to add the fact I met you here too?" Alex laughed. I playfully hit him in the arm. "Are you happy I brought you here?"

       "Yeah, I remember going here all the time. This place hold a lot of memories." He said while looking around.

       I began to swing back and fourth. "Gaskarth are you going to start swinging or not?" I laughed. He looked at me and laughed. "Well since we are on swings it might be a good idea."


Alex's P.O.V

       I laughed and began swinging, the cool air brushing against my skin. I haven't had this much fun in a while.

       I looked over at Cassidy and laughed as her hair blew in her face every time she swung backwards. "I keep getting hair in my mouth!" She laughed. "Well maybe if you kept your mouth shut for once then that wouldn't happen!" I laughed as I continued swinging.

       Eventually my legs had gotten tired so I had stopped for a minute and looked around, thinking about everything that had happened here. Every time I was having troubles with Jess I would always come here. Then eventually Cassidy would show up and we would spend hours here talking about our problems.


       I sat on a swing and stared at the ground. Me and Jess had gotten into another fight. Sometimes she could be such a bitch to me. I looked up and saw someone running up the road; Cassidy. She looked like she had been crying. When she had reached the park she stopped running. She walked over to the swing next to mine and sat down. "Hey Alex. Why are you here?" She asked, slowly swinging back and fourth.

       "Jess. We had gotten into another stupid fight. Sometimes she can be such a bitch. Why are you here?" I asked.

       "My parents." She looked at the ground, holding back tears. "Do you need a hug?" I said opening my arms. She smiled and hugged me. I gently rubbed her back to see if it would make her feel any better.

       We continued to talk for a few hours after that, Cassidy seemed a little happier and it felt good talking to someone about Jess. I could always count on Cassidy.

       "There you are Alex! I've been looking for you everywhere." Cassidy was in the middle of talking when I looked over to see Jess standing there. "Come on." She demanded.

       I looked at Cassidy. She nodded at me, signaling that I could leave. I got up and followed Jess, but before I did I caught a glimpse of Cassidy crying.

*End of flashback*




Cassidy's P.O.V.

       After about an hour of swinging and talking about all the fun things that had happened here we finally decided to head back to the house. We both climbed into the car and I started the ignition. "That was fun." Alex said smiling. I nodded in agreement and started driving.

      When we went inside I checked the time. 6:16am. It was still super early and no one was awake yet. "Now what do we do?" I asked Alex while taking off my shoes. "We could watch a movie in my room." Alex suggested. "That sounds like a pretty good idea." I smiled and headed upstairs.

      Alex went to choose a movie as I snuggled into his bed. When he found one he put it into the DVD player and turned around to look at me. "Comfortable?" He laughed, getting into bed. I playfully hit him in the arm and giggled. We both fixed our pillows so we could sit comfortably.

      Half way through the movie I started getting a little tired and yawned. "Tired?" Alex asked. "Yeah a little bit." I said, yawning again. "Well then maybe you should sleep." I nodded in agreement and fixed his pillow so I could lie down. Alex kissed my head and I soon fell asleep.




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