Imperfection ~ An Alex Gaskarth Fanfiction

Cassidy Merrick is a 19-year-old girl who is always on tour with her cousin Zack Merrick and his band All Time Low. Cassidy has been with the band from the very beginning and has supported them through everything. She's always been there for them. Especially her best friend; Alex Gaskarth. Cassidy has always had feelings for Alex but his girlfriend Jess always gets in the way. Will Cassidy ever get her chance with him? Or will her dreams be crushed forever. Find out more when you read: "Imperfection"


11. Chapter 11


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    "Well." Alex began, his voice shaking slightly. "I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to do. I love Jess with all my heart but you've been one of my best friends for years. I'm really sorry for making you feel that way. It's just that everything Jess had said about choosing really fucked me up. I guess I didn't want to tell you what was wrong because I thought I'd hurt your feelings; it's obvious that I already did. I hate the fact that I'm forced to choose."

      "Dude just don't choose. Either that or talk to Jess about how it's wrong for her to make you choose between her and Cassidy." Jack kept his arm around my shoulders and gave me a slight squeeze.

      "You think I haven't already tried that?!" Alex exclaimed, raising his voice slightly. 

      "Alex please calm down." I muttered, leaning on Jack. "I know that this isn't a good situation to have yourself in, but that doesn't mean you can take it out on us. You need to tell her everything you're feeling about the situation she has you put in. And when I say everything I mean everything. You need to force her to listen to you."

      Alex stood there, quietly thinking about what I said. He looked like a frightened child who had gotten separated from his mother while out in public. I had never seen him this way and it made me sad to look at him. I moved away from Jack and walked over to Alex, hugging him tightly. He hugged me back and began to cry quietly. I rubbed his back and whispered in his ear. "Alex, sweetie, please don't cry. Everything will work out. Everything will be okay. I promise." 

      I led Alex over to the couch, still holding him. He clung to me so tightly that I was afraid I wouldn't be able to breathe. I sat him on the couch and turned on the TV. "What do you want to watch?"

      Removing one hand from me he took the remote and turned on a show I'd never seen before. He turned back to me and buried his face in my chest, sobbing. I played with the back of his hair and hummed, knowing that those things usually helped calm him down. I whispered softly in his ear. "It's okay, sweetie. I'm here. I got you."

      I looked over in the kitchen at Jack, who was getting something out of one of the cupboards. He turned around and looked at us, frowning slightly at the sight of his best friend crying. He looked at me, holding a mug in one of his hands, then pointed to Alex and then to the kettle. I nodded my head, knowing Jack was planning on making Alex some hot chocolate to help calm him down.

      "Hey buddy, here take this. It might help you feel better." Jack rubbed Alex's back as he handed him the mug. Alex smiled. "Thanks."

      Alex sat up, drinking some of the hot chocolate. By this time he had stopped crying and seemed like the things we were doing were helping him feel better. He looked at me and smiled. "Thank you."

      I looked at him in confusion. "Why are you thanking me?" I smiled slightly. He laid the mug on the coffee table and turned to me. "I'm thanking you because you're one of the best friends I've ever had. You know exactly what to do whenever I'm upset and you still comforted me even after what I said to you."

      "There's no need to thank me. You've always been one of my best friends and always will be. No matter what you say or do, I'll always be here for you." I leaned in and kissed his forehead.I whispered extremely quietly, hoping Alex might not hear me. "I care about you more than you'd ever know."


      After about an hour of watching TV, we decided to go out and do something, hopefully helping Alex get his mind off of everything. We all decided to go bowling and convinced Rian and Zack to come with us. 

      I put on my shoes and walked over to Alex, who was sitting on the couch, texting. "Hey Alex, you ready to go?"

      He looked up at me and smiled. "Yeah I'm ready, did the guys already head out?" Alex asked, looking around. I turned around, confused. "Yeah I guess they did."

      "So who's driving? Me? Or you?" Alex questioned, putting on his shoes. I stood by the door, waiting for him. "I guess I'll drive, it's not a big deal."

      Alex stood up, walking out the door in front of me. I grabbed my keys and closed the door, locking it behind me. I ran to the drivers seat and climbed in. Looking around my car, I tried to find a CD. Luckily I was able to find my Panic! At The Disco "A Fever You Can't Sweat Out" album and put it in the CD player. I started the car and began to drive to the bowling alley, getting odd looks from Alex when singing the songs.

      "Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off" came on and I began singing every word. Alex began laughing as I sang, "I've got more wit, a better kiss, a hotter touch, a better fuck." I just glanced at him and smiled to myself. 

      "Hey are we almost there?" Alex asked, still laughing. "Yeah we should be there in a minute. Stop laughing at me. I REALLY LIKE THE SONG OKAY?"

      "Geez, calm yourself woman!" Alex burst into laughter. I sighed, pulling into the parking lot of the bowling alley.

      "You're so mean." I glared at Alex, then got out of the car. Alex got out and walked up next to me. "I am not mean. You're mean."

      I looked over at him, shaking my head and walked over to Rian, Zack and Jack who had been waiting outside for us. Jack walked over to me and put his arm around my shoulder. "So are you ready to lose?"

      "I'm not sure I'll be the one losing." I raised an eyebrow at him and laughed. "Besides, it's a friendly game of bowling. Even though I will kick your butts." I spoke confidently then ran inside, the guys running in behind me.

      I stood next to Alex and Jack while Rian and Zack paid for bowling and got everyone's shoes. Alex leaned onto my shoulder and sighed. I leaned my head onto his. "Hey is something wrong?"

      He took his head off of me and looked me in the eyes. "Well I'm still a little bit stressed out about everything that happened." I ruffled his hair and pulled him into a hug, whispering softly in his ear. "Everything will be fine. Don't stress out over any of it. Just pay attention to bowling right now and we can talk about everything later, if you want."

      "Hey why does Alex get all the hugs?" Jack complained, crossing his arms. I pulled away from Alex and turned to the boy man standing in front of me. "He doesn't get all the hugs. He just gets a lot of them because he's a better hugger than you."

     "Well that hurts." Jack acted like he was upset, but it still made me feel bad. I walked over to him, wrapping my arms around his waist and burying my face in his chest. "I'm kidding Jacky-poo. You have amazing hugs."

     Jack wrapped his arms around me and kissed the top of my head. "Damn right I do." I looked up at him and shook my head. "Don't get too cocky."

     "Guys, our lane is over here. Come on. Since Cassidy thinks she can beat us, lets show her how great we actually are at bowling." Rian waved us over to the lane.

     "Let's just play the damn game already." Zack laughed. I looked up at pointed at the screen. "Well you're the one who has to start the game. So start the damn game!"

     Zack laughed and picked up a bowling ball. We all sat down and watched as Zack only hit 2 pins. "Come on Zack, you can do better than that!" Rian called.

     "I know I can. Now shut up and let me concentrate." Zack bowled again, this time knocking down the rest of the pins. "That's what I'm talkin' about!" Rian said excitedly.

     "Calm down dude, the game only just started." Jack laughed, nudging Rian's arm. Rian huffed. "Okay fine. Can I at least be excited since it's my turn?"

     "Just go take your turn already." I waved my arms frantically, laughing at myself. Rian stood up, holding his hands out in defence. "Okay okay, calm down. I'm going."

     Rian grabbed a ball, took a deep breath and threw the ball; hitting half of the pins. We all cheered and he turned around, smiling. "What was that about getting too excited?"

     We all laughed and Rian took another turn, missing every single pin. "Really Dawson? Really?" I raised an eyebrow at him and laughed. He stuck his tongue out at me and took his last turn; once again not hitting anything.

     "You all think it's so funny, how about you take your turn Cassidy?" He picked up a bowling ball and placed it in my hands. I laughed. "I will gladly take my turn and I'll show you how to bowl properly."

     "Yeah right." I heard Alex mumble from behind me. I turned around and looked at him. "What was that?"

     "I said yeah right because you're probably going to miss." Alex laughed, crossing his arms. I chuckled. "Oh yeah? Watch me."

     I got into a comfortable position and threw the bowling ball, hitting every single pin. I turned around, a smile on my face and sat down next to Alex. "Now what was that about me missing every pin?"

    He looked at me and rolled his eyes. "Yeah whatever, but it's only the beginning of the game and you know how competitive we all get."


  *After bowling*

     "So it looks like I have won bowling. BOW DOWN BEFORE THE SUPERIOR." I spoke over dramatically. Jack ruffled my hair. "You only won because we let you. We didn't want to bruise your ego."

     "Well if you let me win, then why are the scores all so different. And you all clearly tried because of how angry you all got after missing a pin or two. So don't try making yourself feel better about it. Face it, I'm better at bowling than you." I looked up at him and smirked. Jack was clearly displeased. "Okay fine." He huffed and headed out to the car.

     "Well I guess we'll see you guys back at the house. We might be a little bit later than you, so don't bother worrying. Zack that comment was meant for you." I hugged Zack and walked over to my car, hopping in the drivers seat. Alex climbed in right after me and leaned his head back against the headrest, closing his eyes. "That was a lot of fun. Thanks for forcing me out of the house."

     "I didn't really force you. But you're welcome." I started the car and began driving to an ice cream shop down the street from the bowling alley; since it was Alex's favourite place to eat. "Well you kind of did. But I guess you kind of already know what I'm like when I'm alone."

     "You're right, I do know. That's why I knew I had to get you out of the house and that's the exact reason why we're not heading right back." Alex lifted his head off of the headrest and opened his eyes. "We're not heading back yet?"

     "Nope, we're going somewhere I know will make you feel better. Oh and before I forget, I don't really want you to be alone tonight. I know that you're going to say that you won't be alone, but locking yourself in you room still counts as you being alone. So I was kinda hoping that you'd let me stay with you tonight. I know I never really have to ask but I worry about you y'know?" I pulled into the parking lot and turned off the car, looking at Alex. 

      "Thanks for caring. You can stay with me if you want to, it's better to have company. You're really the greatest friend anyone could ever have." Alex leaned over and hugged me. I rubbed the back of his neck gently. "I'm not as great as you think I am."







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