Lost but eventually Found..

Yasmin's a regular 16 year old girl, living life, going to school, being a teenager.. Zayn Malik's a 17 year old boii who meets Yazmin on Facebook, he shares his dreams, wishes and everything with Yasmin.. But What happens when he auditions for X factor and gets through? Will things change..? Will he forget her..?


2. Chapter Two: Zayns POV.


'But muuummm!! I want to go to Manchester instead!' I begged my mother, who was busy doing my sisters never ending hair.

'Zayn, stop being an immature child, we're going Glasgow this holiday to see your aunty Ruby.' Yes, I admit I was being a bit of a child, but I really was hoping to go Manchester this holiday to finally meet up with Yasmin.

Yasmin, she completely understands me, we have the same taste in music, same sense of humour and she just makes my day. I can't seem to get her out of my mind.. I wonder why though, it's not like this has ever happened to me before.

I stopped arguing with my mum about going to Glasgow and sulked up the stairs to my bedroom. I decided to pick up my guitar and play Hero by Enrique Iglesias, this was one of Yasmin's favourite songs. Just as I finished the song my phone lit up, a text from Yasmin,

'Heyyy Zayn, You found owt if your coming to my city this half term? - Yaz xx' It broke my heart to reply back, this was the second time my plans to see her were crushed.

I replied back, 'No Yasmin, Mum wants to go upto Glasgow to see Aunty Ruby.. I'm soo sorry :( :( :( xxx'.

Just as I put my phone down and laid back in my bed, Zara came rushing into my room.


Me: WHATTTT?!!! Are you for real, Zee?

I literally screamed 'Ohhh Yesss!' At the top of my lungs when I took in what my sister actually came out with. I decided I would go to surprise Yasmin now, she'd be speechless. I couldn't wait for next week to come now.


Soooo, Zayns going to finally see Yasmin! Will there be any twists or turns? Hmmm.. Comments to find out! I really am open for any suggestions, I know this is a bit Suckish atm, but I'm a newbie writer, it will get better! Pinky Promise :3 x

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