Lost but eventually Found..

Yasmin's a regular 16 year old girl, living life, going to school, being a teenager.. Zayn Malik's a 17 year old boii who meets Yazmin on Facebook, he shares his dreams, wishes and everything with Yasmin.. But What happens when he auditions for X factor and gets through? Will things change..? Will he forget her..?


3. Chapter 3

Yasmin's POV

I wish Zayn could somehow come to Manchester and finally meet each other I though, as I was cleaning my room; My sister decided to come in here uninvited while I was at school.

I felt my heart hurt slightly when I read the 'No' in the text he replied back to before.

I just don't know why I'm so bothered about this anyways, it's not like I've known him for long, just a few months. Yet, I've never really connected like this with anybody, in my whole life before.. I think of him when I wake up, when I fall asleep, I even dream about this boy! Oh god.. Could ii be..? Nooo.. I can't be.. I can't be in love with him, can I? No. I'm just being silly. He's like my best friend right now, obviously I'm not 'in love' with this guy.

"I can be your heroo babyy, I can kiss away the paaain.." My phone rang, bursting noise through the silent room. It was Layla.

Me: Heyyy Hunn!

Layla: Helloo beautiful, I just called up to see what your up to, I'm hella bored..

Me: Oh nothing much, to be honest I'm quite bored too, Have you heard from Jamie?

I was actually fighting with my thoughts but I decided to leave that information out.

Layla: Yeahh, he wants to see me in the holidays, I don't know what to do. Like one minute we're fine and the next we're arguing. It's just confusing, Yaz..

Me: Gorgeous I know what you mean but try to sort things out between the two of you, at least you get to see him.

Layla really doesn't know how lucky she is. Getting to see Jamie, her boyfriend, whenever she wants. Whereas I can't see Zayn, ever. Wait. Zayns not my boyfriend. What am I saying? So what if I can't see him? Gosh.. I'm so confused..

Layla: Yeahh that's true, but anyways I gotta go now, my dads calling me, oh the joys..

I could hear Layla sigh. And with that, she hung up.

I decided to text Zayn to see what he's been upto, I said I would text him once I finished tidying the room.

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