DeathNote 2014

*Inspired by DeathNote* Orphaned at a young age, Nero Kagami was raised in England by his adopted parents. He always knew he was adopted, and had always been curious what happened to his parents. The revelation that arises - and the mysterious notebook that he picks up - leads him to seek further answers and, ultimately, retribution.
But there is someone else in the background, who may have the means to stop Nero before he's even started...


10. Lunch

Chapter 10 - Lunch

How To Use The Death Note

“The conditions for death will not be realised unless it is physically possible for that human or it is reasonably assumed to be carried out by that human.”

“The specific scope of the condition for death is not known to the gods of death either. So, you must examine and find out.”


Mary looked up as Nero and JM walked into the canteen.

Excited, she jumped up from her seat, almost spilling her food across the table. ‘Nero! JM!’ she called, jumping slightly on the spot.

Nero and JM looked over at her with mixed expressions: surprise, frustration, and joy. All three emotions on both faces in different measure. They smiled back at her and Mary, aware that she was being stared at, adjusted her skirt and sat back down.

The two boys seemed rather quiet as they bought their lunches, and when they sat down there was little more than a hushed “Hi” from them.

Mary finished her sandwich, making eye contact with the two boys and lingering more on Nero. She could tell they were both preoccupied by something, but she didn’t think it fair that they were practically ignoring her. ‘Guys,’ she sighed.

JM absently popped a strawberry into his mouth and smiled. ‘Hey, Mary! What’s up?’

Mary hesitated, raised an eyebrow and then sighed. ‘What’s up with you two?’ she asked. ‘You seem really quiet.’

JM chuckled. ‘Well, I’m fine. The lesson was just dull. I knew all the answers.’

Mary resisted the urge to say anything about JM’s cockiness and turned her attentions to Nero. ‘What about you?’

‘Same thing really,’ Nero muttered. ‘Also…well, you know.’

Mary smiled at him. ‘The whole parents thing?’

Nero frowned. ‘Yeah…that.’


Nero waved off her apology, which seemed close enough to him accepting it to her. Following the little wave his hand absently went to his bag, and Mary spied a glossy black-covered book. Curious she prepared to ask him about it, but she saw JM shaking his head form the corner of her eye.

Don’t mention the book,’ he mouthed.

Mary tilted her head slightly, and then shrugged. Nero was probably just a little sensitive about it. To distract herself from the book in Nero’s bag Mary moved to a different subject. ‘What are we up to this afternoon, then?’

‘Free lesson,’ the boys replied simultaneously. They chuckled together, though for Nero it seemed ever so slightly forced.

‘Me too,’ Mary half-cheered, reaching across the table and grabbing their hands. ‘Wanna hang out?’

‘Oh, well…’ Nero stammered. He felt around inside his bag, running his hand over the spine of the book. ‘I’m…I’m going home this afternoon. I feel the need to talk to my parents about the whole…murder situation.’

Mary slumped, disheartened but understanding. ‘Oh. Okay.’

‘Sorry,’ Nero said, rather sincerely. He gently disengaged his hand and set to finishing his lunch.

‘Don’t worry, Mary, you’ll still have company. I’m not going anywhere,’ JM added, smiling. He reached into his pocket and offered her something very familiar. ‘Gum?’

Mary took the gum gratefully and started chewing, her eyes fixed on Nero. ‘I really worry about you now, Nero. Why can’t you just talk to us?

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