DeathNote 2014

*Inspired by DeathNote* Orphaned at a young age, Nero Kagami was raised in England by his adopted parents. He always knew he was adopted, and had always been curious what happened to his parents. The revelation that arises - and the mysterious notebook that he picks up - leads him to seek further answers and, ultimately, retribution.
But there is someone else in the background, who may have the means to stop Nero before he's even started...


11. Discovered

Chapter 11 - Discovered

How To Use The Death Note

“One page taken from the DEATH NOTE, or even a fragment of the page, contains the full effects of the note.”

“The instruments to write with can be anything, ((e.g. cosmetics, blood, etc.)) as long as it can write directly onto the note and remains as legible letters.”


 Later that day…

Grymm hovered above the suburban house, surveying the area in search of his Death Note. He had a bad feeling that a human had found it, which was not, in his opinion, a good prospect.

If there was anything worse than having to find his Death Note in the human realm, it was the notion of having to stick around whilst a human used it. Humans were always so boring when they got a Death Note – usually, anyway.

They would kill a few people who had wronged them, and maybe anyone they just disliked. Then they would probably go ahead and kill themselves. Such a sequence could be only one thing:


The idea was so wrong to him, that he entertained the thought of writing the human’s name as soon as he found him. Like all Shinigami he had a personal Death Note that no human was allowed to touch, yet…Grymm was rather opposed to using it.

His hand absently went to his chest, where his Death Note radiated its dark energy, humming. He didn’t particularly want to open up his chest just to write down the name of one pesky human, but…

Desperate times…

Grymm lowered his hand and closed his eyes, seeking out the hum of his second Death Note. Its power gave a tug on him, calling, and Grymm’s eyes flashed open. Within seconds he was gliding across the rooftops, his coat opening up around him as a pair of immense, black, red-tinted wings.

His Death Note was close now, he knew it.

But that sense of foreboding – that sense that a human had picked it up – was playing havoc with his mind: tied to a human until it died…that would be horrible.

One hour later…

Grymm froze and looked up at the veiled moon, seeing it hovering high up in the sky.


And the humming of both Death Notes was growing deafening. He wasn’t far away now…he couldn’t be.

He closed his eyes again, trying to work out just how close the humming was, and then he found it:

Roughly four houses south.



The Shinigami landed on the roof of the house and froze. The hum of the Death Note was so loud he could barely hear it, which could mean only one thing:

He had found it. It was here. And whoever had it was going to face the shock of their life.

Grymm silenced the humming and closed his eyes, focusing his energies. Within seconds he had passed into the house, and was in what seemed to be a bedroom.

The room was pitch black, but his supernatural eyes allowed him to see everything around him. There was a desk piled with books to his immediate left, sitting near a window, and across the room was the door. A bookshelf, with a stereo filling an entire shelf, stood against one wall, with a few dark-themed movie posters pinned to the walls.

It was the object to his right that caught his attention, though. A double bed was placed against the wall, with dark red covers wrapped around a mass that moved slightly.

Grymm sneered. That shape must have been the human. What else could it be? The temptation to pull off the covers, fill the human with fear and then write down its name in the Death Note was overbearing. However…

Grymm had no idea where the Death Note was. It was surely in the room, but where?

The shape in the bed stirred again, and then released an odd groan.

Grymm cocked an eyebrow. What was this human doing? He was familiar with the concept of sleep, but he had never seen a human do it. It was…perplexing.

Suddenly the shape sat up, a mop of messy black hair sticking up off of its head. It stared directly at Grymm, or perhaps through, but did not react. It just stared.

Mildly amused, Grymm waved a hand.

The shape waved back.

Grymm and the human froze, staring at each other. That was unexpected.

A moment later the human was on its feet, picking up a hardcover book and poising to throw it. As it did so, Grymm caught sight of its face, seeing the human’s name and lifespan float above its head.

Nero Kagami was his name. A male human.

‘What are you? What do you want?’ Nero asked, feigning calmness.

‘I want my Death Note,’ Grymm replied, not moving. If he could scare this boy he would be back in the Shinigami Realm in no time.

Nero dropped the book. ‘If the Death Note belongs to you…’ He smirked and stepped forward until he was no more than a foot away from the Shinigami. ‘Then you must be a Death God.’

Grymm froze, astounded. How did the human know this? No one knew about Death Gods. Unless. The Shinigami sighed and moved to rest against the desk. ‘You read the rules, didn’t you?’

Nero smiled and nodded, moving to the desk and opening a draw. ‘I did. I wasn’t sure if it was real, but now I know.’

‘You mean…you haven’t used it yet?’ Grymm asked, leaning in and frowning. ‘You really are boring, aren’t you?’

Nero scoffed and held up the Death Note. ‘This notebook…the first rule says that whoever’s name is written will die.’

‘Yes, that’s true. And if you don’t give me that Death Note, I’ll write your name in it,’ Grymm threatened, reaching out for it.

‘Aren’t you going to let me use it first?’ Nero asked. ‘You might as well let me show you how interesting I can be.’ He chuckled and picked up a pen. ‘Well? What do you say?’

Grymm frowned again and put his hand to his chest, allowing his sharp nails to dig into his skin. Was this human challenging him? He paused, and held back a smile. Even if he was, maybe this human would be different from others. He was more setting himself a challenge. ‘Very well, then. Show me how much fun you can be. I warn you, though…if you aren’t any fun…’ He chuckled maliciously, and his eyes glowed red. ‘I will kill you.’

Nero gulped slightly and then nodded. ‘Very well. It’s a deal.’ He put the Death Note down on the desk and then sat down in his desk chair, pen poised.

Grymm held back a sigh, putting his hand over his chest. ‘Nero Kagami…you better be interesting.

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