DeathNote 2014

*Inspired by DeathNote* Orphaned at a young age, Nero Kagami was raised in England by his adopted parents. He always knew he was adopted, and had always been curious what happened to his parents. The revelation that arises - and the mysterious notebook that he picks up - leads him to seek further answers and, ultimately, retribution.
But there is someone else in the background, who may have the means to stop Nero before he's even started...


6. Affection

Chapter 6 - Affection

How To Use The Death Note

“The person in possession of the DEATH NOTE is possessed by a god of death, its original owner, until they die.”

“If a human uses the note, a god of death usually appears in front of him/her within 39 days after he/she uses the note.”


Mary held onto Nero, the warmth of his body and the smell of his hair distracting her from the reason she had hugged him.

Or were those she reasons she had hugged him?

She was suddenly unsure why she was holding him, and when she turned from JM back to Nero, she saw a face of both frustration and confusion.

Slightly intimidated, Mary let go of him and cleared her throat, blushing quite obviously. ‘Sorry, Nero. I just…’

‘I know. You pitied me, like so many others used to,’ Nero grumbled, avoiding eye contact with anyone.

‘No, no! Not at all!’ Mary reached across and grabbed his hand, taking him by surprise again. To her happiness, he did not pull away. ‘I genuinely care…it’s not fair for anyone to face something like that.’

‘Was the murderer ever caught?’ JM asked, popping a strip of gum into his mouth.

Nero shook his head. ‘No. Well, not exactly. He’s escaped justice a number of times.’

JM cocked his head. ‘Really? Well, that’s just a pain, isn’t it?’ He tapped his chin a couple of times and then sat back in his chair. ‘Is that all that’s bothering you?’ he asked unsympathetically.

‘JM!’ Mary snapped, turning quite violently. ‘How can you just go from the subject of his parents’ murder that easily?’ She held onto Nero’s hand, an odd sense of loyalty beating in her chest. She wanted him to be happy, even if he didn’t want her around.

Nero’s disdain for Mary was quite evident, but with the distraction provided by JM’s questions he did not lash out at her. Instead he gently prised her hand off of him and urged her to sit down. Thankfully she did. Nero saw the expectant expression on JM’s face and, giving in, replied, ‘It’s not necessarily the fact that my parents died. It’s more the manner of how they did…’ He trailed off, and Mary did not miss it.

‘Nero…what is it?’ she asked, once again placing her hand on his. He did not respond to her touch this time, and instead met her eyes.

‘A disgusting junkie killed them looking for money!’ Nero snapped, smacking the table. He breathed deeply, seeing that everyone else in the library was looking towards him. Quieter he continued. ‘If they had died in a car accident, or had been killed by someone in accidental circumstances, maybe I would be okay with it…but they were killed by a damn lowlife.’

JM sat, staring at Nero, pondering just how much he disliked humanity, whilst Mary held onto his hand tightly, relatively sympathetic to his point of view. She was not entirely sure why, but it made sense that he was angrier at who had killed his parents and why.

‘You know, Nero…some of these “lowlifes” only do what they do because they have no other choice. You shouldn’t be so hard on them,’ JM said, spitting his gum into an empty wrapper and then rolling it up. ‘And before you say something like “if they hadn’t been mistreated by people beforehand they wouldn’t have become lowlifes”, understand that the world isn’t an easy place.’

Nero frowned at JM. ‘It’s not an easy place because greedy corporations don’t let it be one. There’s too much corruption in the world. Far too much, I tell you. It all comes down to those corrupt corporations, but as they’re untouchable, we have to settle for the other criminals. They’re the ones who must be made to pay.’

‘I’m all for criminals being locked up, but I don’t know about further punishment…’ Mary muttered, her hand shifting uneasily on Nero’s skin. In response Nero lifted her hand off of him and placed it on her lap.

‘It’s not about imprisonment,’ Nero pressed. ‘It’s about punishment. True punishment. None of this “lock-them-up” crap. Pure, unadulterated punishment.’ He stood suddenly and picked up his bag, a renewed certainty in his stature. ‘The people who make others miserable…they don’t deserve to breathe the same air as the good people.’ He turned his back on Mary and JM, glancing up at the clock as he did. Mary followed his gaze, and saw that it was time for class; JM had also noticed and when Mary turned to face him he was already gone.

Damn it,’ she thought, sighing. ‘Both of them seem to be giving me the cold shoulder…I just hope Nero is okay, and doesn’t lose it…

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