Story of My Life

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  • Published: 24 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 24 Nov 2013
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This life is evil and no-one knows this better than I. This is my story. Th story of my beginning and my end. Don't judge me too harshly.


4. Red Lips are for Hussies

A few weeks later, my father caught me using the lipstick.  I would usually put it on just before I went to bed but after I had said my prayers.  I would admire myself in my small mirror before scrubbing my lips with the back of my hand.  


When he caught me, he didn't beat me as I thought he would.  He simply said: "Red lips is for hussies, you a hussy?"  I made myself shake my head though I knew my eyes were wide like a deer's caught in the headlights of an oncoming vehicle.  He said nothing in response, just shut my bedroom and locked.  A few minutes later I heard his a start up and drive away.  


I sat on my bed for hours until I heard his car return.  I was still shocked and was still clutching the tube in my hands but not shocked enough to mistake the sound of a number of cars pull up.  Nor did I fail to hear the sounds of my drunken father and his friends stumbling around.  I stared fixedly at the door, my hands shaking.


I heard the key rattle in my bedroom door and for nearly three excruciating minutes I listened to my father swear and complain about the lock until he finally got it opened.  As the door swung open, I heard him call over his shoulder:  "The hussy's in here, lads.  Have at her."

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