Story of My Life

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  • Published: 24 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 24 Nov 2013
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This life is evil and no-one knows this better than I. This is my story. Th story of my beginning and my end. Don't judge me too harshly.


3. It Only Gets Darker

Almost two years on and my life hadn't changed much.  I stayed at home all day, locked in by father when he went out to work in the mines and never allowed to leave.  Our groceries were delivered to our doorstep and I had to hang our clothes out to dry inside the house.  My skin had grown pale from lack of sunshine and my hair frail.  


My father brought home hussies from town and paraded them in front of me.  Each time I heard them in his room together, it felt like he was digging a dagger a little deeper into my heart.  The most common one he brought home was "Ophelia".  She had taken her name from the play hamlet and was always keen to explain why.  She wore bright red lipstick and heavy blush.  


When my father and her had finished in his room, they would come out to the kitchen and watch as I cooked them breakfast.  My father came out wearing our his boxers and night-gown while "Ophelia" would come out in either her underwear or simply one of my father's shirts.  She would sit of his lap and share his cigarette, giggling and whispering in his ear.  


One day when my father was till in bed, she came out and sat at the kitchen table, rolling a cigarette.  Then she watched me fry up their breakfast while she smoked it.  I tried to forge she was even there and just concentrated on not over-cooking the bacon.  My father beat me for the most insignificant things now.  


Suddenly she was behind me.  "Here." Her voice was hoarse and low.  She held out a thin gold tube.  I took it, admiring how it gleamed in the low morning light.  "Every woman should have at least one tube of red lipstick."  Then she went back into my father's room and not before long, I heard them art back up again.  I took the bacon off the heat and clutched the slim tube to my chest.  It was he first gift someone had gotten for me in a long time and I promised myself that I would cherish it no matter what.

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