Last Christmas

We were awkwardly under the mistletoe outside the resturant. I didn't really want to look at him, because I was too shy. "Hey, why so shy?" Louis asked lifting my chin with one finger. There was those butterflies again. I shook my head, "Nothing." I replied quietly not looking up at the mistletoe. "Ah," he said, glancing up at it. "Mistletoe. I remember when you kissed me a little under it."
I crinkled up my nose, "Really? Gross." He laughed and bent to peck my lips. I felt a sudden rush.


1. Saying Goodbye

13 years ago

"Merry Christmas, Louis!" I cried running over to hug him. Louis opened his arms for me to embrace him. "Merry Christmas, Ivory!" I smiled into the deep warmth of his hug. I let go and handed him a box. "It's for you. Mum was being fussy and told me to buy something for you." 

Louis took the box and and opened it to see it was a picture of us two when we were both 1. It read: "Our 7th Christmas Together! Love, Ivory". Louis smiled widely and handed me a small turquoise box that said "Tiffany & Co." on it. I looked at him. Louis motioned me to open it. I opened it to find a beautiful silver heart necklace. It read "Please Return To: Tiffany & Co., New York". I looked up at Louis. 

"Thank you so much," I croaked realizing after tonight, I won' be able to see my best friend anymore. Looking back down at the beautiful necklace, tears ran down my face. Louis lifted my chin with his finger. "What's wrong?"

I pulled him into a deep, comforting hug and bursted into tears. Practically sobbing, he patted and rubbed my back. "What's the matter?" Tears fell onto his shoulder. 

"I'm leaving," I sobbed. "Well there's need to cry, I'll see you tomorrow-"

"No, not that...I'm leaving for A-America. A-and I won't be back for a very long time. I-I-I-I'm sorry Louis," I sputtered. Louis dug his face into my hair and sobbed with me. I loved Louis like a brother, but there was a warm, giggly feeling in my heart that made me feel like Louis could be more than just a friend. 

The whole night, we cried together. 

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