Last Christmas

We were awkwardly under the mistletoe outside the resturant. I didn't really want to look at him, because I was too shy. "Hey, why so shy?" Louis asked lifting my chin with one finger. There was those butterflies again. I shook my head, "Nothing." I replied quietly not looking up at the mistletoe. "Ah," he said, glancing up at it. "Mistletoe. I remember when you kissed me a little under it."
I crinkled up my nose, "Really? Gross." He laughed and bent to peck my lips. I felt a sudden rush.


4. Playing Pretend


After school, I was in the school's library. Romeo and Juliet caught my eye when scanning through the romance section. I pulled it out and flipped through the book. Skimming the art of the book. 

A pair of hands covered my eyes, "Guess who?" HI

"Johnny Depp?" I asked knowing it was obviously Louis. "Nope. He's sexier than him." 

"David Beckham?" I giggled. 

"Way sexier and way better at soccer than him." Louis chuckled. "Is it..Louis? Sexier than Johnny Depp and better player than David?" Louis removed his hands and laughed. "Yes!" The librarian turned to us and shushed us. We look at each other and shushed her back, more loudly. The lady gasped and hurried on her way. 

We bursted into surpressing giggles. "Whatcha got there?" Louis asked. "Nothing. Just a girly book." I replied, holding the book tight. "Come on, Ivory. I always appreciate your girly books." Louis smirked tugging the book out of my hand. 

"Yeah right... Remember you made fun of me when I was reading you a Cinderella story and kept mocking me for a week."

"It was only seven days."

"That's a week, Louis." 

"Oh." he said trying to tug the book out of my hand. "Fine." I said, handing him the book. "Ah," Louis sighed. "Romeo and Juliet. A story about romance that could never be." 

Reminds you two people you know? I thought to myself. "Hey, are there any more copies?" he asked. I shrugged and went over to see if there were any more copies. Just my luck, there was. There were 8 more copies. I grabbed a copy and handed it to Louis.

Louis pulled me to the counter so we could check out our books and go home. 


"O Romeo, O Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? Deny thy father and refuse thy name..." I said dramatically. Louis giggled and swooped in and got on one knee. 

"But soft, what light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, Juliet is the sun." 

I pulled out paper fan from my pocket and cooled myself off. I blinked very fast at 'Romeo' as he continued his lines. But Louis...not to sound gushy or weird or my Romeo. So I pretty much enjoyed the whole thing. 

"Where'd you get that from?" Louis laughed. 

"I'm prepared. Now continue to shower me with comments, O Romeo. For I, am enjoying this." I chuckled still fanning myself. Louis went back showering me with comments that I felt was real. Because my feelings for him were. 

Just as soon as he was done. I jumped from my 'tower' (his couch). "Well Romeo, I am very pleased with your comments. As for you are the king of my heart and feeling. I can't help but look at thy ass." I smirked, walking gracefully away, smacking his butt with my closed fan. 

Louis laughed. "Oh really, Juliet? Well, I can't help but try to kiss thy lips." I let a out a small squeal.

"Oh gross, Romeo. Thy lips cannot touch anything but Duchess Hannah's lips." I said. 

Louis gave a sad smile, "Really? Not really, M'lady Juliet. Duchess Hannah is not really who I'm interested in. She is ok...but you, Juliet, is all I desire." He got on one knee and held my hand.

"Therefore you need me?" I asked. 

"Ever since I saw you up in the tower, you hath stolen my heart." 

My face flushed, "Well, you hath stolen my heart too." Louis got up, wrap his arms around my waist and our faces were inches from each other. "I don't know, Juliet. Duchess Hannah is going to catch us falling in love." He said, leaning inwards, inching closer. 

"I don't either, Romeo. If she catches me with you, it's off with my head." I whispered, now our lips centimeters away. "Never."

Something buzzed three times, loudly. Louis's phone.


"Crap, gotta go Ivy. I have a date with Hannah. And I have to get ready. We'll play pretend tomorrow!" he said running to his room, leaving me in the living room. 

I stood there alone. And these few words escaped my lips, 

"But...I didn't want to pretend." 


Honestly, I sort of feel like crying. And yes, yes, yes. Ariana G is playing Ivory. And NO, Eleanor is NOT Hannah. I actually think that's pretty low for a person who ships ELounor. XXX- Lizzie 


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