Last Christmas

We were awkwardly under the mistletoe outside the resturant. I didn't really want to look at him, because I was too shy. "Hey, why so shy?" Louis asked lifting my chin with one finger. There was those butterflies again. I shook my head, "Nothing." I replied quietly not looking up at the mistletoe. "Ah," he said, glancing up at it. "Mistletoe. I remember when you kissed me a little under it."
I crinkled up my nose, "Really? Gross." He laughed and bent to peck my lips. I felt a sudden rush.


3. Making Her Jealous


Ivory was never this beautiful. Her red hair had turned dark, her deep brown orbs had turned hazel. Her smile just got a million times better than before. She even has dimples! 

I was up all night just thinking about her.

 Glancing over at my clock, it was five oh seven. I got up and hit the shower.

After a while, I got out to go change.

I changed into dark skinnies, a grey tee and black Converse. I slipped on my beanie and put on my black hoodie. My phone buzzed. "Hello?" I said into the phone. "Hey babe," said Hannah.

Oh no.. Hannah. She's going to be the only reason I can't  have (or even see) Ivory. 

"Hey. Why calling so early?" I ask, taking a seat on my bed trying to figure this out. "Because you forgot." Hannah said sheepishly. "Forgot what?" 

"Our anniversary, stupid!" she laughed. 

Oh hell no...

"And we have dinner tonight and all that..." she gushed. "Hurry up, Hannah!" A familiar voice called in the background. "Alright, Ivory. I'm coming."

Ivory?! I'm doomed...                                

"Ivory's there? Can I talk to her?" I asked grabbing my bag, quickly leaving the house. "Yeah sure. Why? You know her?" 

."Yeah. She's my best friend." I said scratching the back of my head. Hannah had passed the phone to her. "Hey Lou!" she chriped. She sounded extra happy this morning. "Hey there, Ivy. How come you're at Hannah's house?" I asked, cracking a small smile. 

"She took me in since I had no money or place to stay."

"You could always sleepover with me like we used to do." I blushed. Ivory let out a cute giggle. "I could never do that. Not when Hannah's around." she whispered. I laughed, "They don't know about us." 

Ivory laughed, "See you later, mate." 

"See you later, Ivy." 


I looked for Ivory. I found her sitting near the main office. She seemed like she was looking for me too. "Ivory! Over here!" I called waving both of my hands. She looked over here with a bright and early morning smile. Ivy motioned me to come. I walked over to her and took a seat next time when I finally met her. 

"Waiting for your acceptance?" I asked. She playfully nodded. I noticed her outfit. She was wearing a playful red dress, a white cardigan, matching red Keds. Her bow clipped  to the back of her hair matched her dress and shoes. 

"You look good this morning," I nudged her. She giggled. 


Here came Hannah. "Sorry," I mumbled. Ivory shook her head and chuckled. Hannah smiled and pulled me up. "Where were you? You were supposed to pick me up five minutes ago. Instead, you're distracted with your 'best friend'." I groaned. 

I turned to see that Ivory was gone. She must be inside the office. Hannah pulled me to first period. 


"Take out your books. Turn to page 67 and begin reading. When done, answer the questions on page 70." Mr. Kell tells us. 

I take out my social studies book and begin reading about Ancient Rome. But at the edge of my desk, was a note. 

From Ivy; To: Louis <3

Hi! :P 

I giggled and wrote back:

Hey there princess! 

I passed it over to her. She opened it and rolled her eyes. 

Since when did you start calling me princess, Prince Louis? 

Now that...that turned me on:

I don't know. You were always a princess to me. ;)

Ivory opened the note and chewed on her bottom lip. Glancing over at me, she scribbled down another note.

Aww...thats sweet. But you know that Hannah's looking at us...right?

I looked back to see a steaming Hannah. Honestly, I didn't care. 

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