A Christmas Miracle ~1D Fanfic~

It's that time of year again! The time for turkey, snow and presents galore! The time families gather round and celebrate the ending to a perfect year.
But not for Zoe. The lonely, poor orphan who spends Christmas time wishing she had a blanket to keep her warm, food to keep her healthy and a family to keep her safe. All she ever wanted was to feel loved at Christmas time.
Have her wishes been granted or will she stay lonely forever?


6. Chapter 5

Christmas Day!

Zoe woke up to find a gift on her bedside cabinet. She opened it and smiled at the sight of a pretty, gold bracelet with her name on it. It was only a tag so people in the centre would know who she was... but she appreciated it. She slipped her slippers on and wrapped her dressing gown round her. She was taken to the kitchen by the nurse from last night and saw all the residents sat at the tables enjoying their breakfast.

"Wow!" she whispered.

She sat next to a man with a name tag that said 'Louis' and he passed her a napkin.

"Louis! Merry Christmas!" he told her.

"Zoe! Merry Christmas to you too!" she replied.

"This is my girlfriend Gabrielle and she lives here too!" he told Zoe.

"Hi!" Zoe said.

"Hi there!" Gabby replied.

They tucked into their breakfasts and then were taken to the sitting room where all the gifts were. Gifts from family members, friends and people they knew from the neighbourhood. Zoe searched for a gift with her name on it... but she couldn't find one. She slumped into the chair and watched the other residents open their gifts with huge smiles on their faces. A tall man walked towards her with a bag in his hand. He was dressed as Santa and handed Zoe the bag.

"Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas Zoe!" he said, walking with her into the hallway.

"What is this?" she asked, smiling.

"Close your eyes." he told her.

She closed her eyes and he counted to three. When she opened them a man and a woman were standing in front of her holding gifts from the bag.

"Who are you?" she asked.

"I'm Liam... this is Alice! We're... we're your parents Zoe." they told her.

She began to cry and a shocked look spread on her face. Her parents were dead... weren't they?

"My parents died a long time ago." she told them.

"No they didn't Zoe. You were only a baby when we lost you. You were taken from us when you were 2 months old and we searched for years to find you. When we found out you were here... we couldn't believe it!" Alice told her.

Zoe ran towards her and hugged her tight, and then she hugged Liam.

"I can't believe it!!" she shouted, smiling.

Liam passed her the gifts and she unwrapped them. There was a teddy bear, a new dress and a One Direction CD.

"You can listen to that in your new bedroom!" Liam told her.

"My new bedroom?" she asked him.

"Yeah! We're taking you home Zoe!" Alice said.

"Oh my!!" Zoe jumped up and down with joy and hugged them both again.

They packed her things and with a quick 'Merry Christmas' to the residents, she left to live in her new house with her new family... on Christmas Day.


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