A Christmas Miracle ~1D Fanfic~

It's that time of year again! The time for turkey, snow and presents galore! The time families gather round and celebrate the ending to a perfect year.
But not for Zoe. The lonely, poor orphan who spends Christmas time wishing she had a blanket to keep her warm, food to keep her healthy and a family to keep her safe. All she ever wanted was to feel loved at Christmas time.
Have her wishes been granted or will she stay lonely forever?


5. Chapter 4

Midnight on Christmas Eve.

The shops were packed with people buying last minute gifts for children all ages. Men dressed as Santa packed up their stalls and drove home to their warm, cosy houses with their loving families.

Zoe sat in the exact same spot from earlier on with her blanket and her cup in her hand. She watched as the passers by scattered the streets looking for shops with the sign 'open' on them. Not many were open though. I guess it was because it was Christmas Day in literally 7 hours and young children would be waking up soon, to open their gifts that will be piled up under the Christmas tree.

Zoe never had anything like that at Christmas. Her parents died when she was very young and none of her relatives cared for her well being... therefore she was never put into a children's home. She sat shivering underneath her blanket, waiting for the night to pass by so she could enjoy Christmas Day. Even though she was homeless, alone and on deaths door... she was happy to be spending yet another Christmas day alive.

A couple looking around 20 years old stopped across the road from her and re-arranged the shopping in their bags. The woman, pulled out the gifts and the wrapping paper and stacked them in another bag and stacking some more gifts in the same bag. The man, with brown curly hair, just stood and watched her... I assume he had no intention of helping her.

The man turned his head and glanced at Zoe. He tapped the woman on her shoulder and she stood up, holding the shopping bags. They made their way over to Zoe and placed the bags on the floor.

The man with the curly, brown hair bent down.

"What's your name?" he asked Zoe.

"Z... Zoe." she stuttered.

"I'm Harry. This is Hannah... my girlfriend. We're having a baby girl called Zoe." he smiled.

"Wow!" Zoe said, placing her hand on Hannah's stomach.

"She kicks me sometimes." Hannah said, smiling.

"Are you hungry?" Harry asked.

"Starving." Zoe replied.

Harry helped her up and picked her up with her legs over his right arm and holding her back with his left. Zoe put her arms over his shoulders and rested her head on his chest. Harry and Hannah took Zoe to the care centre on the end of the street.

"Why are helping me?" Zoe asked them.

"It's Christmas. Nobody should be alone on Christmas." Hannah told her.

They walked inside and sat her down whilst they signed her in. She was greeted by a nurse and taken to a bedroom where she had a bed, a TV and a tiny Christmas tree. Zoe's face lit up and a huge smile spread across her face.

"Thank you so much!" Zoe said to Harry and Hannah, hugging them both.

The nurse took Zoe to the kitchen and brought her some fresh, clean clothes and some food.

"Will you be OK here?" Harry asked.

"Yes... thank you." she replied.

They left her with the nurse and Zoe enjoyed her supper. She went to her room and changed into her clothes. She climbed into bed and fell fast asleep. Christmas Day was looking even better than before!

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