A Christmas Miracle ~1D Fanfic~

It's that time of year again! The time for turkey, snow and presents galore! The time families gather round and celebrate the ending to a perfect year.
But not for Zoe. The lonely, poor orphan who spends Christmas time wishing she had a blanket to keep her warm, food to keep her healthy and a family to keep her safe. All she ever wanted was to feel loved at Christmas time.
Have her wishes been granted or will she stay lonely forever?


4. Chapter 3

As her bare feet dragged themselves through the freezing, white snow, Zoe made her way down to the homeless shelter on the end of the street to find a spare room to sleep in. Her weak, lifeless body shuffled through the crowds of people that gathered to watch the Christmas tree lights being turned on. She held her cup in one hand and an old blanket she had found in a dustbin in the other hand.

She noticed a flashing light coming towards her and scurried towards it. It was an ambulance making it's way through the snow, heading towards the huge crowd. She assumed it was a 'just in case' ambulance for people who slip on the ice and hurt themselves.

She kept on walking and eventually found a safe place to sleep. It wasn't a homeless shelter and it wasn't a five star hotel either... but it was somewhere she would feel safe. It was a gap between the bakery and the post office. She had seen other homeless people sleeping there before and she didn't think it was anywhere anybody would bother her. She sat where the snow didn't reach the pavement and covered herself with the old, ripped blanket.

She caught a few minutes of sleep but was awaken by the banging of the fireworks down the street. The flashing lights surrounded her as she peaked round the corner to find people chanting and clapping as the Christmas lights were switched on. She sat back in the alley way and watched as the huge crowd disappeared. The couples with their children walked straight past her. She tried to keep herself hidden but they still caught a slight glance of her.

One couple, which looked like they were a Muslim couple, saw her sat freezing, alone and scared and walked towards her. A man, who looked around 20, a woman, who looked around 20 and a young girl, who looked around 14. The woman held out her hand and helped Zoe up.

"You poor, poor girl. Here." the woman said.

She stood in front of her and pulled a fresh, new blanket out of her shopping bag. She wrapped it around Zoe, hugging her and rubbing her hands so that they would warm up.

"My name is Malak Malik and this is my husband Zayn Malik and my daughter Marilia Malik." she said, introducing herself and her family.

"My name is Zoe ma'am." she slowly replied.

"How long have you been here?" Marilia asked.

"Just one hour. I decided to look for a safer place to stay... I previously stayed in a different alley way." Zoe replied.

"There you are!" another woman shouted from the street.

"Come, come!" Malak shouted to her.

She walked over and looked over at Zoe.

"Oh child." she said. "I'm Mariam, Zayn's sister. I'm sure they already introduced themselves."

"This is Zoe. She's staying here... she thinks it's a safe place." Malak told her.

"You can't stay here... it's not a safe place." Mariam replied.

"I shall be fine." Zoe replied kindly.

"Take this, buy yourself some food or some clothing." Mariam said, handing her a twenty pound note and a few pound coins.

Zoe's face lit up with joy and she hugged the family members one by one. They left her with the money, a clean blanket and she snuggled up and fell asleep in the dark, breezy alley way.

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