A Christmas Miracle ~1D Fanfic~

It's that time of year again! The time for turkey, snow and presents galore! The time families gather round and celebrate the ending to a perfect year.
But not for Zoe. The lonely, poor orphan who spends Christmas time wishing she had a blanket to keep her warm, food to keep her healthy and a family to keep her safe. All she ever wanted was to feel loved at Christmas time.
Have her wishes been granted or will she stay lonely forever?


2. Chapter 1

It was the night before Christmas Eve and the lights that hung from house to house illuminated the dark sky. A cold, sharp breeze caressed the faces of the people that passed by and the pavements were coated with pure white snow. Buildings as tall as skyscrapers were topped with tiny droplets of snow that politely floated down and there wasn't a star in the sky that didn't twinkle in the night. Frost shielded the windows of the buildings and single snowflakes gently placed themselves on the window ledges. The passers by seemed to cling to their woolly coats and kept themselves hidden underneath layers of clothing. Not a single person greeted another person with a polite 'hello' or a simple 'good evening'. It seemed as though they kept themselves to themselves and got on with their journey back to their warm, cosy houses that kept them safe for another night. 

The girl in the alley way sat frozen as she watched the passers by come in and out of shops that advertised the latest clothing or the most popular toys for a young child. Her pathetic, weak stare made them avoid the quick way home and take the long way. The cardboard sign which read, 'be generous, it's Christmas', seemed to give the littlest bit of help. Nobody even took one glance at her or even thought of handing over the tiniest bit of loose change. Her hair was tangled and as dry as a bone. Her fingers were bony, skinny and blue as were her toes. She was wearing a black vest top that had various different smudges splatted onto it and grey pyjama bottoms that she had grown out of three years ago, but she still managed to keep her white, pale skin covered. No coat covered her, no food filled her and no home secured her. Her idea of the perfect family was a married mother and father who loved her dearly and siblings she could share the happy times with. Her idea of the perfect friendship was someone to keep her secrets, someone to visit on the weekends and create memories with. Her idea of the perfect life was to have everything she'd ever wanted... but she knew she could never have.

Zoe was just a lonely, homeless, weak, miserable, young girl who wanted just one thing for Christmas... happiness.

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