Master Of Illusion

Zexion has found out that he is the only one who can stop the impostors from taking over the Organization. Are there traitors? Who will get in his way? What is up with Axel and Demyx? Find out now by reading Master Of Illusion!


1. Mysterious Encounter

I ran through the Beast's castle, swiftly and quietly until i found myself cornered. "So foolish... How could I let this happen?!" I uttered to myself. The heartless were now all around me, there was no escape. I sighed. "I guess I have no choice..." I then used my last cloning spell and defeated all the heartless. I glanced around the room and sighed of relief. "I guess that's all of them..." I said in a whisper. I then started to walk towards the exit until I heard a deep growl. It sent shivers down my spine. "Th-There's another one! I barely have enough strength left to defeat a mere shadow heartless!" I said to myself. I turned around and couldn't believe what I saw! Right in front of me was a Darkside! I gasped to the sight and quickly took a few steps back. It attempted to strike me but I was just quick enough to dodge its attack. I turned towards the exit and ran for my life. I had never run that fast before! But alas... I found myself at a dead end... I backed up until I couldn't go any further. The heartless came closer and closer to me with every passing second. "Looks like this is it, Zexion..." I said as I stared at the towering monster. The heartless again, attempted to strike me, but I had ducked just in time. I was breathing deeply for I had barely any strength left. Then, suddenly, a bright light appeared! I had to look away, it was so bright! When I looked back... The heartless was gone! "W-What the...?!" I said in a weak gasp. I was amazed! How could something defeat a Darkside in one hit!? I then saw a figure walk closer to me. It stopped about five feet away. "What are you doing here....?" The person asked. It was a male from what I heard. I was quiet for a long while. "I w-was just following orders..." I said. The man was silent. "Hmph..." He mumbled as he walked away. I did not even hesitate to run out of the castle after that. When I arrived back at headquarters, I walked to my corridor and rested.
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