Bella is Bullied in In her old town
She moves to forks. And it continues
She meets the Cullens
What happens?
Find out. READ.


2. Why?

RENEEPOV ( yay )

'Phil I'm worried ', it's 7 pm and Bella was supposed to be home by now ,she 's never late and when she is ,she calls me .

'It'll be okay honey , you know Bella , always responsible and stuff . 'Phil said while watching his baseball game .

'I've called her 16 times and she won't pick up the phone ' I was getting hysterical .

'then call her again ' phil simply said .

I pressed in her number and called ' Hello ,you've reached Bella's voicemail . I'm to busy right know so let me know what's on your mind .'


' it's been over a week since 17 year old Isabella Marie Swan from Phoenix , Arizona went missing ,her parents are really worried and are convinced that her bullies are behind it .'

I quickly pressed pause and stared at my family, I was close to sobbing. ( tearless sobbing since she's a vampire )

'what cruel human being does something like that?' Emmett asked himself.

I was surprised that Emmett actually said it , and not Edward or Jasper , we all looked at him .

'it's just a stupid human Emmett' Rosalie said 'maybe somebody had her for dinner ' she smiled at herself .

' Rosalie Lillian Hale , Do not speak that way ever again in my presence do you understand ! ' I was furious . How could my own daughter say something like that .

' Her parents are really worried and who knows what that poor girl must be feeling right now ! '

She looked down at her shoes and nodded , when Carlisle came in . I could see he was worried he smiled lightly and gave me a peck on my lips .

'what wrong honey? ' I asked him , he looked tense .

'Have you heard about that Swan girl on the news ?' he said while looking at his hand ' it's chief Swan's daughter , he's devastated , he's ignoring everything , hr is not eating or sleeping anymore , he's going into shock .'

We all stared at him with wide eyes , Rosalie actually looked like she felt sorry which made me feel better .

BPOV ( dundundunduuun )


Need water


Don't die




RENEEPOV (again )

My poor little baby girl missing, it's been 11 days now , I can't eat , I can' t sleep.

Phil took me to the hospital. they're scared that I'm not functioning anymore , they think I'm going into shock .

I know it was those bullies , I can feel it . Doctors are telling me that she's probably dead , but I won't and refuse believe that .

Charlie isn't well either, poor man , nobody to care of him . I feel guilty for not being there for him.


'Dude , it's been 11 days and they haven't found her !' I yelled at the others . ' Why are we going now , she could be dead !'

'So what , it's not like anyone's going to miss her ' someone laughed .

I took her by shoulders and pushed her against the wall 'If they found out it was us we're going to jail ! If she's dead it's going to be even worse .' I was going crazy now .

'get you filthy hands off of me ' she screamed .

I suddenly got a feeling that we're being watched as we got closer the closet we all got more quite and nervous , my palms were sweating , my breath was hitching up . we were all scared of what we would find in that closet .

We stopped when we were all in front of it , but no one who had the guts to turn the key and open the door .


I couldn't split reality and fantasy anymore , I knew I was dying , no doubt about it , I could feel it , I was so hungry and so dry , I couldn't hear a thing , I couldn't open my eyes , I thought about how life would have been if I had grown old when suddenly darkness overtook me

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