Bella is Bullied in In her old town
She moves to forks. And it continues
She meets the Cullens
What happens?
Find out. READ.


15. Vampires


I noticed her scent first it was heavenly , her scent is so perfect for me , it's my personal hell .

We all froze when she spoke , we thought she would bring it up smoothly during a conversation . She just stormed in and said it right to our faces . There is no way we can talk ourselves out of this , she really knows . She's too smart , inhumanly smart almost .

Shit dude ! What are we going to tell her ? What is she thinking ?- Emmett

I rolled my eyes , he really doesn't listen to our conversations , I just told everyone just a few days ago that I can't read her mind .

Well , answers me Eddiekins .- Emmett

'I can't read her mind and don't call me that ' I hissed to low for humans to hear , even Alice and Esme missed what I said .

What did you say son , you talked a bit too quiet dear .- Esme

'What did you say ?' Bella asked curiously , breaking the silence . We all gaped at her , she couldn't have heard it , not possible .

'well ?' she said again , she looked confused . 'Oh come on , like any of you guys actually heard what he said .'

'Bella , your ears weren't supposed to hear that even Esme and Alice didn't understand it . ' I whispered still in a sort of shock .

'What do you mean , I saw your mouth moving and I heard sort of whisper . I didn't hear you say it .' She said confused .

She still saw and heard Edward . It was supposed to be too fast for her , not even your entire VAMPIRE family noticed it and Bella , the human , did . We can't lie anymore Edward we have to tell her . – Carlisle

Edward , we can trust her , I saw it – Alice

Alice was smiling lightly while Carlisle was waiting for an answer , I nodded at both of them .

'Why did you do that ?' Bella asked curiously . 'What ?' we all answered at once . We grinned at each other .

'You nodded at Carlisle and Alice but they didn't even say or do anything .' she said .

God , that girl has some good eyes , she would make a wonderful new born .- Jasper

I growled at him , how could he think that . We weren't going to make her a vampire , she would lose her soul , I can't let that happen . She's so sweet and innocent , nobody deserves that , I'm taking that away from her , nobody will .

'You did it again ! ' Bella stated annoyed , 'You growled at Jasper and he didn't say or do anything . Why are you doing that , what's going on ?' She was getting angry for not getting answered .

Wow , feisty little thing Edward , didn't thought you would fall for someone like that . She's a kitten who turns into a tiger when she gets angry dude , a bit like Rose . – Emmett

I wanted to laugh and roll my eyes at him but I'm sure that would make her even more upset .

'Bella , the reason why I nodded at Carlisle and Alice and growled at Emmett is because I did hear them . But nobody else did . ' I began easily .

'But they didn't talk . ' she said . I could tell she wasn't that angry anymore , she was happy that she was getting some answers .

' You're right , they didn't talk . Bella , ' I started slowly , 'I can read minds . '


What did he just say , read minds ? What does he think I am , I don't believe so easily everything people tell me .

'Yeah right ' I snorted , ' What am I thinking then ? ' I asked him bluntly .

His family suddenly started to smile , like they were all having an inside joke which they were sharing. Edward looked down , 'I can't…' I heard him mumble something to fast and silent for me to hear . 'Excuse me , I didn't understand you . ' I said .

Suddenly Emmett let out a booming laugh , ' Tell her Eddie .' I frowned .

'Oh don't worry Bella , he's just embarrassed about this . ' He said while pretending to wipe his eyes off .

' I can't read your mind Bella .' He said , I was still frowning . ' And that's embarrassing because ? ' I asked .

'He's never experienced that before Bella , he feels embarrassed because he has to admit it .' Alice giggled . It was a funny sight , all of the Cullen's apart from Edward were trying their best not to burst out laughing .

'How does it work , the mind reading ?' I asked everyone quiet waiting for Edward's response . He sighed and looked at me .

'I can't hear anyone , anywhere . I have to be fairly close . The more familiar someone's voice is , the father away I can hear them . But still , no more than a few miles .' He paused thoughtfully .' It's a little like being in a huge hall filled with people , everyone talking at once . It's just a hum – a buzzing of voices in the background . Until I focus on one voice , and then what they're thinking is clear . Most of the time I tune it all out – it can be very distracting . And then it's easier to seem normal .'

I frowned , he laughed when he saw me ' People don't think you're normal when you answer to their thoughts Bella .'

'Why do you think you can't hear me ?' he stopped laughing and looked down at me , curiously .

'I don't know ,' he murmured . 'The only guess I have is that maybe your mind doesn't work the same way the rest of theirs do . Like your thoughts are on the AM frequency and I'm only getting FM .' He grinned at me , amused .

I laughed , ' I always knew there was something wrong with me . But you never answered my first statement .' I added more seriously .

Everyone was quiet all of a sudden . Edward looked me right in the eye and said 'you were right .' I gasped , I was right , I really figured it out .

'You can't tell anyone .' He whispered . I quickly answered 'I won't , you can trust me .' He looked me in the eye again and nodded .

'I'm sure you have some more questions Bella , why won't we settle ourselves in the living room ?' Carlisle said , I was getting quit uncomfortable standing the entire time . I followed them and sat down between Alice and Edward . When Edward's leg touched mine my heart speeded up a bit and I felt something weird going through me . I blushed slightly .

'I bet you have a lot of questions don't you ?' Edward smiled . I nodded .

'How old are you all ?' I was curious . 'I'm seventeen ' Edward answered , I rolled my eyes . 'How long have you been seventeen ?'

He looked at my face for a bit before answering ,'I've been like this since 1918 . ' I nodded and looked at Alice .

'I don't remember my human life , but I was changed in 1920 ' she smiled lightly .

'I'm nineteen ' Jasper started , 'I was changed in 1863 .'

'During the civil war ?' I asked he nodded .

'I'm twenty and I was changed into this awesome dude in 1935 ' Emmett beamed . I laughed at him while he winked and Rosalie slapped his shoulder which made everyone laugh .

Rosalie surprised me by talking calmly , I thought she hated me . ' I'm 18 years old and I changed in 1933 .' She said , behind her calm voice I spotted some arrogance and pride.

Esme smiled gently ' I am 26 dear , and I was changed in 1921 .' I finally turned to Carlisle .

'Do you really want to know ?' I nodded enthusiastically . He sighed ,'I'm 23 and I was changed somewhere around the 1640's .'

My jaw practically hung on my toes when the entire family started laughing . ' He's old isn't he !' Emmett yelled . I laughed with him , I wanted to know some more .

'Don't laugh – how can you guys come out during the daytime ?' They all laughed .

'MYTH ' Emmett yelled

'Burned by the sun ?'

'Myth '

'sleeping in coffins ?'

'myth , we don't sleep at all .' Edward said ,'at all ?' He shook his head and mouthed never . I blushed a bit .

'Bella , it's getting dark , you should go home . Charlie will be worried . 'Alice said .

'But I have like , five thousand more questions ' I nagged .

' We can talk at school .' Emmett beamed , 'Yeah , don't scream to loud than Emmett or everyone is going to know .' Rosalie snapped .

Alice rolled her eyes and dragged me to my truck , she drove with me and said she could get home . I wondered how , there were so many things I wanted to know .

When I went to bed I found a piece of paper on my sheets .

Would you like to go to a special place

With me tomorrow miss Swan .

Alice saw you said yes and Charlie will be fishing .

I'll pick you up at 10 am .

Sleep Tight .

Edward .

I was going on a date with Edward Cullen tomorrow , I suddenly wasn't tired anymore .

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