Bella is Bullied in In her old town
She moves to forks. And it continues
She meets the Cullens
What happens?
Find out. READ.


21. Tommorow

I'm sorry I didn't upload yesterday , very busy day , I had to study for a big test and I had exams for my music class . Anyway , enjoy ! I'm almost at 200 reviews !


We all got in the car after the accident , Edward held my hand the entire trip and I could feel he was a bit tense . He didn't really believe I was fine , when my head crashed against the concrete It didn't hurt that much . But you can't really expect that it wouldn't hurt when you crash your head right ?

They were all worrying for nothing , I'm fine , I've had it much worse . It didn't even hurt anymore , I just had a small bump on the back of my head , nothing major .

Edward also looked at me every five seconds , I counted . He was nervous and worried and I could tell that the rest were worried too , even Rosalie . They were all way too protective , I know that in their eyes I'm very breakable and stuff , but I'm not .

Edward always worried when I wouldn't eat enough , he was worried when I sneezed , coughed or had a headache . I think it's sweet though , he told me what happened to him and his parents , it made him really worried about diseases and illnesses .

He pulled over at the house and escorted me inside , his brothers and sisters following behind us . Carlisle and Esme looked breathtaking , just like the rest of the family of course .

I felt so plain , they were all breathtaking and inhumanly beautiful , and then there's me . Another sign that I don't belong with them . It's pretty obvious if you ask me , he could get anyone he wanted, if he tried he could even get famous actresses or singers or people who are just not like me .

I didn't feel like I belonged with them but hey , I've got it everywhere , even with my own parents and my mom was supposed to be my best friend .

'Hello everyone , how was school ?' Esme asked warmly .

'Good ,' I smiled at her before Edward snapped his face towards me to look at me , his eyes weren't mad they weren't pleased or happy either .

'Edward ?' Carlisle asked , ' She was almost hit by a van .' Edward said , I could see he was trying to sound calm , but I could hear bit of his madness through his voice .

Carlisle and Esme looked at me with wide eyes . 'I'm fine , really , nothing happened , Edward pulled me out of the way before it could hit me .' I explained but they still kept staring at me .

'We just wanted you to check up on her .' Emmett murmured from behind Rosalie who was staring at me intensely , again not mad or irritated .

Carlisle sighed , ' Alice would you grab my bag please ? ' , Alice frowned ' what bag ?' , ' My medical bag Alice .' Carlisle said irritated .

She raised her eyebrows ' Why would you need a medical bag in a house full of vampires ?' she asked him .

' You never know .' He murmured , 'it's under my desk in my study .'

When I blinked , Alice was gone . I still found it weird that they could move so fast , I just have to get used to it I guess .

Three seconds later , Alice was standing in front of Carlisle her arm stretched out with the bag hanging on her tiny arm , smiling brightly .Carlisle rolled his eyes and took the bag and looking at me .

'Would you like to sit down Bella ? ' He asked me , smiling kindly . I just nodded quickly and he mentioned me to follow him to the living room . Everyone followed us immediately , I sighed .

'Take a seat ,' He murmured while putting his bag next to him , I turned to the side so we were sitting horizontally .

He took out a little flash light , ' This might be a little bright .' He warned me before flashing it into my eyes , 'look at my finger ' he added .

The light indeed was very bright and after he flashed it into my eyes , I saw black spots for a while . I blinked a few times trying to get it away and everyone chuckled .

I blushed ' don't mind the human .' I murmured to myself and Emmett let out a booming laugh which made me jump a little bit .

Carlisle checked my pulse and temperature and some other things before the closed his bag . ' Can you turn around Bella , I want to check your head .' I froze a bit mentally because he would find a bump .

Carlisle and I knew it was probably nothing but Edward would freak out . Carlisle's cold fingers felt lightly along my scalp and I flinched a bit when he touched the bump .

Edward of course was immediately worried , he was next to me instantly ' Bella , are you okay , are you in pain .' He was freaking out .

Carlisle laughed when he saw the faces of everyone else , they looked like Edward but not as worried as him .

'Guys I'm fine , it's just a little bump .' I laughed with Carlisle . They all relaxed but Edward was still suspicious .

I gently stroked his cheek and looked deep in his eyes , 'Edward I really am fine , I promise ' I whispered . He relaxed and smiled at me while the others just looked at me , star struck .

'What ?' I asked them , was there something on my face or something like that . I looked down at my clothes but everything seemed fine . I frowned , ' what's wrong you guys ?' '

They chuckled , 'Bella , one does not simply calm Edward , it usually takes around ten minutes for Jasper to calm him down just a little bit . And it takes hours , sometimes days to calm him . He would sit in his room for days .'

I looked at Edward and laughed , ' You sound like a teenager in puberty .' I laughed louder . And everyone laughed . If Edward would've been able to blush he would've .

I laughed and wanted to give him a small kiss but when I wanted to pull back he grabbed my arms lightly and pressed his lips back to mine , harder this time . I could feel the passion building up and this kiss wasn't so careful as our previous ones .His lips were moving against mine , molding them into the shape of his lips . One of his hands entwined in my hair and his other one grabbed my face gently . His hands making light patterns on my skin and in my hair . I moaned , I never felt this way before . I felt the tip of his tongue touching my under lip and I moaned again , his tongue felt cold .

'YO GUYS ! I DO NOT WANT A FREE PORN SHOW ! ' Emmet yelled , I thought my ear drums just broke or something . I flinched and covered my ears while Emmett laughed .

'You seriously didn't hear us scratching our throats and talking the entire time ?' Alice asked us her eye brows raised . I blushed furiously , Edward chuckled and wrapped one of his arms around my waist .

Rosalie looked like she wasn't here mentally , ' Rosalie ? Are you okay ?' I whispered .

'Bella ? Can I talk to you for a minute ? , everyone looked at her wide eyed . I swallowed loudly and Rosalie chuckled and turned around , heading upstairs . She opened the door to her room and mentioned me to sit on the bed .

I nervously sat down and looked at my feet . I heard her sigh , ' Bella ,' I looked up at her and she smiled nervously . We had an awkward silence for a while before she sat down next to me and spoke.

'Bella , I wanted to apologize .' I froze and stared at her . ' I never apologize for anything but I own you .' I frowned .

'Bella you make Edward happy , at couldn't see at first and I'm really sorry for that .' She looked down at her hands . ' I now realize that I'm just as bad as Lauren and Jessica and I'm feeling really guilty about that . You and Edward really belong together .' She looked up at me and frowned .

'What's wrong Bella ? ' , I looked down , ' Nothing ' I murmured . I didn't belong with him , he was perfect .

'You don't think you belong together ?' she whispered , I knew everyone could hear me in this house. I shook my head , ' don' lie to me .' she whispered while looking in my eyes .

'Just look at him and look at me .' I whispered , I could feel my tears building up in my eyes . I never thought I would've been talking about this with Rosalie .

'I did Bella .' She whispered and I looked up immediately . 'I didn't look at you two at first , I just wanted to hate you because you are human . But now I've seen you guys together today and I never saw such love as with the two of you . ' She murmured and my tears spilled over my eyes as I smiled at her .

'You two are special Bella . When he moves , you moves . Everything you do , knowingly or not , it's always matched with Edward .'

'Bella let me ask you one thing , I want you to be honest with me .' I swallowed , what in the world would she want to know .

'What do you feel when you touch him or when he touches you Bella ? ' I blushed , I didn't really wanted to tell her . I thought because I was feeling this , I was weirder than I thought I was .

'Bella ?' Rosalie asked again , my blush didn't fade from my face .

I sighed deeply , ' It feels like an electric jolt .' Her eyes widened and her jaw almost hit the ground , ' when I'm sad , unhappy or angry , it doesn't matter . When he touches me , I feel good , happy and loved . ' I looked at my hands and looked into Rosalie's eyes .

'I never felt that way before Rosalie , never .' I whispered , my tears were still covering my cheeks . She hesitantly reached her hand and slightly brushed my tears away .

'Bella , why do you think you don't belong with him ?' She asked me softly . 'He's beautiful and talented and look at me Rosalie .' I was mad , but not at her , I was mad at myself . I jumped up and turned around so she good see me .

'Just look at me Rosalie .' I was crying , to the point of sobbing right 'I'm not even beautiful , not even average . I don't have curves , I don't have boobs , I don't have a figure . All I have are bones .' I dropped down to my knees and started sobbing , her hands were trying to comfort as they were roaming on my back and my shoulders .


We were all shocked with what we heard . I was blocking everyone out , I didn't want to hear their thoughts . Rosalie shocked us all , she never apologizes to anyone ,ever .

'Just look at me Rosalie .' Bella cried , Esme and Alice looked like they were about to cry . 'I'm not even beautiful , not even average . I don't have curves , I don't have boobs , I don't have a figure . All I have are bones .' She yelled and we could hear her drop to her knees .

'She can't be thinking that .' Jasper whispered .

'Carlisle , is it healthy for your self-esteem to be so low ?' Emmett asked Carlisle . Carlisle just shook his head .

'Why does she feel that way , she's so beautiful .' Esme dried sobbed in Carlisle's embrace . Bella was still sobbing and I couldn't stop myself within a second I was standing in Rosalie's room along with the rest of us .

Bella sitting on her knees in the middle of the room , sobbing . Rosalie was trying to comfort her , her eyes were searching for help .

Edward help her ! I don't know what to do , I can't believe she feels that way .' –Rosalie

I was at Bella's side instantly and I pulled her in my lap . Rocking her back and forth , she clung to my shirt and buried her head in my shoulder .

I grabbed her face in my hands and forced her to look at me . I whipped away her tears and stroked her cheeks lovingly .

'Bella , you're the most beautiful creature I've ever met . How can you think about yourself that way my love . You're so smart and kind . You always want everyone else to be happy instead of yourself . You're so selfless and caring Bella . But you're also breathtakingly beautiful my love . '

I collected all the love , passion and lust I could find for her in my eyes and I heard my family gasp when they saw my gaze .

'Bella , the first time I saw you , It felt like I couldn't breathe , all I've ever known was coldness but when I saw you my love . I felt love and warmth . '

'Bella , you're beautiful and sexy and so worth of everything . You loving me is the best thing that ever happened to me . Bella , you are my life , you're my everything .'

Bella stopped crying but there were still tears in her eyes . Her eyes looked so deep , it was like I could see her soul and she could see mine . I could see the love and the passion in her eyes and when she touched my lips with hers , I felt home .

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