Bella is Bullied in In her old town
She moves to forks. And it continues
She meets the Cullens
What happens?
Find out. READ.


20. Thoughts


When Lauren started to make fun of me , I didn't really care until she said what I've been thinking all the time . I know I don't belong with Edward , Look at me and look at him . But it just feels right , that must count for something right ? I couldn't keep my tears inside , I felt them building up and building up and I bit my lip to try to keep them from falling but they did . Tears spilled over my cheeks and Mister Mason looked at me , sorry in his face .

I laughed a bit when he talked back to Lauren and I was surprised when Mike defended me , I never expected that , I think nobody did .

I was about to stand up and ran away when Edward looked at me , he was furious ,but when he saw me he froze .His gaze changed to worried , and suddenly I could see madness in his eyes . He gave the most wonderful speech , and I could see that everyone was terrified from him . Lauren and Jessica were practically shaking , Mike looked scared too , but he seemed to be happy that Edward talked back to Lauren and Jessica .

When he sat down and looked at me , I smiled brightly , filling eyes with as much love and happiness I could find in my body . He smiled back and I thought that I could hear Mister Mason snickering , his monotone steady voice surprised us all when he made a sarcastic joke to Lauren .

As we walked down the cafeteria everyone was silent , I could see Emmett and Jasper smiling and Alice bouncing in her seat .

We waited in line for our food , ' Why are you taking that much ? I can't eat it all .' He smiled and whispered ,' It's just for show love .'

Every time he said my love or love , the biggest blush covered my face and Edward would start laughing or quickly giving me a chaste kiss . I loved it .

'Hey Bella . Edward I wanted to tell how brave you were in class . It was really cute you stood up for Bella and you sounded pretty scary too .' Angela murmured , 'Anyway , you make a cute couple .' she blushed .

'Thank you Angela .' Edward smiled , Angela looked stunned , Edward clearly never used his dazzling skills on anybody here . It made me chuckle a bit .

'I hate everyone's staring at you like you have two heads or something .' Angela whispered in my ear and I could feel that everyone was still looking at us .

It was silent in the cafeteria , I got frustrated and did something I never did before , I talked for myself .

'Why don't you guys take a picture ? It will last longer .' I snapped , Edward entwined our hands and laughed as we walked towards the other Cullen's .

Angela didn't want to sit with us yet , she's was scared and intimidated by the Cullen's which I totally understood, she was happy with her boyfriend .

'Bella , that was amazing ! I didn't knew you had it in you , you're like a tiger kitten .' Emmett beamed , Alice and Emmett both had an amazing amount of energy .

'Tiger kitten ?' I asked him , frowning .

'YES ! ' He almost yelled , 'You're shy and clumsy so a kitten but when you're angry you become feisty and brave , so also a tiger ! ' He explained while Jasper and Alice started laughing . I think I could even see Rosalie smile for a bit .

'And Angel was right , you guys are a great couple . It's kind of weird even if you're not touching or looking at each other there is something that screams the perfect couple . ' Alice said .

I looked at Edward and blushed furiously , Emmett and Alice snickered while Edward pulled me closer for a bit and quickly pecked my lips which made my heart beat faster .

When I looked up I saw Rosalie staring at me curiously . Her gaze wasn't mad or irritating , it was just curious.

When school was finally finished I groaned , a pack of snow and ice was covering everything . Everyone was playing in the snow while I looked horrified at what was happening in front of me . I was called back to reality when I heard a booming laugh from Emmett .

'Anybody in there ! ' He yelled in my ear . 'I'm sorry I just spaced out I guess .'

He snickered , 'It looked like someone was torturing you , don't you like snow ?' He asked , I saw Rosalie smiling in the corner of my eye .

'NO' I yelled , everyone laughed as we walked to our cars .

'Hey Bella can I talk to you ?' Mike Newton asked me , 'Alone ' he added while looking at Edward and the rest of his family , terrified .

'Sure , wait in the car , I'll be right back .' I told Edward he looked at Mike , his eyes narrowed . He leaned in and gave a small kiss while still looking at Mike . I blushed a bit when I saw Mike smiling at us .

There was an awkward silence before Mike decided to speak , ' I wanted to apologize to you , I haven't been exactly nice to you and with everything that has happened I felt really guilty and I'm not hanging out with Lauren and Jessica anymore .' He said , he was embarrassed and not making eye contact .

'So , are we good .' He finally looked up and I could see the sorry in his eyes . I nodded at him and he smiled widely .

'By the way , you and Edward make a great couple , there is something special about the two of you . You can see the love even when you're not together .' He said .

'Thank you Mike , that means a lot to me ' I told him , it truly meant a lot to me , I didn't believe it but since a few people have been telling me , I might actually start to get used to the thought of it .

I looked back at Edward he was standing against the hood of his car , his family waiting inside of Emmett's jeep .

'I better go than .' I said while looking back at Mike , I forgot about the ice and tripped but I felt Mike hands on my hips , Edward's eyes looked furious but glad that I didn't fall at the same time .

'Thank you Mike .' I blushed at my clumsiness . He chuckled , ' It's nothing Bella , It ..'

He could never end his sentence because suddenly we heard a high-pitched screech , it was fast and painfully loud . Mike and I looked up , startled .

I saw several thing simultaneously . Nothing was moving in slow motion , the way it does in the movies . Instead , the adrenaline rush seemed to make my brain work much faster , and I was able to absorb in clear derail several things at once .

I saw Edward standing at the other side of the parking lot , he was staring at me in horror . His face stood out from a sea of faces , all frozen in the same mask of shock . His family was still sitting in Emmett's jeep , their faces worried even Rosalie's , their hands and faces pressed against the windows. Mike had ran away within the second he heard the sound , but I couldn't move and if I did I would've fallen or wouldn't have been fast enough . But of more immediate importance was the dark blue van that was skidding , tires locked and squealing against the brakes , spinning wildly across the ice of the parking lot .

It was going to hit the back corner of a black car behind me , and I was standing between them . Just before I heard the shattering crunch of the van folding around the car , something hit me hard , but not from the direction I was expecting . I saw Edward he was gently holding me away from the van as he stopped the car . My head cracked against the icy blacktop , but I was away from the van which was still spinning on the ice .

I was lying on the pavement behind a grey car next to the black one . Edward cursed slightly and stopped the van with his hand, he lifted it up and stopped on of the wheels from moving before putting it back down . His hands moved so fast they blurred . This all happened in merely ten seconds.

Edward looked at me worried , 'Are you okay ?' He asked franticly , his eyes were searching my body for anything broken or bleeding . His hands clutching my face tightly but gently at the same time .

'I'm fine Edward , you pulled me out of the way , I'm fine .' I said while touching his face trying to calm him down .

'What's going to happen , did anybody see you ?' He shook his head , 'they were all looking at you my love .' He murmured while pulling me up .

I could see his family standing in front of the big jeep ,worried and terrified at the same time again . Even Rosalie who I thought would be happy if something happened to me was looking at me , worried .

'They're all worried about you my love .' He whispered in my ear , his hands were supporting my waist .

Suddenly the entire school sprung into action and everybody ran at me and Tyler who was in the van.

'Bella ! Are you okay ?' Angela asked me , she was hysterical . 'I'm fine , Edward pulled me out of the way just in time . ' I smirked at him .

Angela sighed happily , 'Thank God , I was so worried ! I didn't even see you Edward .'

'I was on my way to ask her if everything was okay .' He lied at her , but we had too . She nodded and went back to her boyfriend .

An ambulance came driving in and looked at Edward , worried . He chuckled , 'You won't have to go with them Bella ,Tyler on the hand will have to go with them .'

We walked back to the car after answering hundreds of questions to teachers and paramedics . I had to say I'm fine over and over .

'Bella are okay !' Emmett practically yelled , he was being my big brother and I loved it . 'I'm fine Emmett , really . Thank your brother here .' I said while pointing at Edward .

'Bella !' Alice yelled while throwing herself in my arms , she hugging me tightly . I didn't know such a little person had so much strength but then of course she is a vampire .

'Maybe we should bring her to Carlisle , too make sure she's really okay .' Jasper said while looking at me intensely .

'Jasper, really ,I'm fine , I'm just a bit …' , 'Jasper's right Bella , Carlisle should check you . Just to be sure .' Rosalie said , I think I wasn't the only one who was looking at her with my jaw hanging on the ground .

'What ' she said , ' I have feelings too .' she defended herself as she got in the car . We all chuckled at her sudden reaction and got in the car .

Edward held my hand the entire time , a bit tighter than normal . It wasn't too tight of course , it was nice .

I liked protective Edward , he held my hand like he was afraid I would disappear , like something could happen to me every second .

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