Bella is Bullied in In her old town
She moves to forks. And it continues
She meets the Cullens
What happens?
Find out. READ.


27. New Life

Chapter 28

I want to thank everyone again for the nice reviews ! And btw I'm continuing my original story !


Bella's going to be changed in a vampire , I thought it would be pretty cool but when I found out that the volturi was going to do it , I was shocked . The volturi only changes people who have something they want , who have special gifts . Would Bella have a special power , Edward can't read her mind but still . It had been ages that Aro himself decided to change somebody , this was kind of big .

Edward was a nervous wreck before but he's worse now . He's scared what will happen to her , terrified that she'll forget us or won't want him anymore . Upset because she would lose her soul . Edward is the only one who truly believes we don't have a soul . Carlisle tried to talk to him about it a few years ago . But Edward wouldn't even listen , he thinks he's right . He locks himself up in his room most of the time , he doesn't hunt as much as required . He doesn't speak , he looks dead most of the time . Everyone's really worried about him .

Rosalie feels even guiltier than before , she feels guilty for Bella being changed because she's so against it , she has a feeling it's all her fault . She hasn't spoken since Alice' vision , Edward and Charlie and every single one of us told her it wasn't her fault . But my Rosie is really stubborn .

Esme and Carlisle walk around like they've lost their child and it wasn't until now that I realized that they really thought of Bella as their daughter just like I think of her as my little sister .

Alice is like Rosalie but not as bad , she also feels guilty . She on the other hand does communicate with everyone , she spends a lot of time with Charlie since he really likes her .

Jasper's in a depression , he feels bad but he has to cope with everyone else's sad , depressed feelings , which makes him even worse than the girls .

He won't play video games with me , he won't do anything but sit in his room .

Charlie was doing okay since he didn't really know the truth , he's nervous all the time but he's doing okay .

I knocked Edward's door , he didn't answer but the door wasn't locked so I just entered . I froze by what I saw , it wasn't Edward who was curled up in a little ball in the corner of his room.

It was his room , he had all these really big pictures of Bella alone , him and Bella , Bella and us framed and spread over all his walls .

There almost wasn't any wall left .

This was sickening and sweet at the same time ,and I don't ever find something "sweet " .


I remembered talking to Edward about being changed , we started out just calmly but we ended up screaming and my running away crying .

He didn't understand , I wanted to be like , I didn't want to get older why wouldn't . I wanted to be as beautiful and talented like him , somebody who's worthy of him .

He told me it's painful , that it's the worst pain he'd ever experienced .

I knew I could be happy that this was happening but the longer I was in the fire , the less I remembered and it frightened me to death .

The pain was the worst thing I've ever felt in my entire life , and I've endured a lot . Every little piece of my little existence ached in pain , my mind's begging my body to stop the pain , to stop living , to stop fighting against the fire and to just let it take me .

I heard some faint voices sometimes , I heard that they were talking but I couldn't understand what they were saying .

After a while I was left alone , nobody came in or talked anymore . The fire was so hot I forgot what coldness felt like. I wondered what my body looked like , probably one big pile of ashes or burned body parts . Maybe me body was really on fire and the flames were now liking and tearing my flesh open .

I can't remember why I have to fight , I don't remember where I am and how I got here . I didn't know who did this to me .

I pain finally started to lessen when suddenly my heart started to beat faster and the pain came back in one painful snap .

I screamed out and was surprised by the sound of my voice . I couldn't remember anything , what was my name , how old am I ?

The fire stopped and the only slight pain left was a faint ach in my throat , like I hadn't had a drink for days , it was bearable just slightly annoying .

I opened my eyes and I was surprised by how clearly I could see . I giggled and was surprised by my voice .

My voice ? Who am I again ? I started to think about myself but I couldn't find anything . I got up and I moved rather quickly , I frowned , as I approached the door . I froze when I came in contact with a large mirror .

I saw a beautiful girl , with a really white , creamy skin . She had feminine curves but was still really skinny . She had plump lips and dark brown almost black curly hair . She smiled and she had a really white and sharp looking teeth .

She jumped back when she saw her eyes , they were blood red . What ? Who was that ? I looked behind me and the girl in mirror did too . I froze when I realized it was me in the mirror .

I didn't even know who me was but I'm sure the way I looked wasn't really normal . I hesitantly opened the big wooden door and I came in an old , ancient hallway . It seemed to be going on forever , after a while I stood across a huge iron door and it opened when I wanted to touch it .

There were a lot of people in the room , all of them were looking at me , smiling . I frowned at them , 'Were am I ?' I asked them , my voice sounded like wind chimes .

'You're in Volterra my dear .' A man with long black hair answered me .

'Who are you ?' I asked him , my eyes narrowed , it felt like I knew him . 'I'm Aro my dear and this ,' He said while pointing at the two man sitting next to him , ' are my brothers , Marcus and Caius .' They both smiled gently at me .

'What are you ?' I asked them , they looked at me frowning ,' We're vampires dear , just like you .' He looked a little confused .

My eyes were wide open , ' Vampires ?' I said hesitantly . They just nodded , concerned .

'Who am I ?' I whispered , I really wanted to know , it was frustrating not knowing it . It felt like I knew everything but it was hidden in my head and I couldn't find it .

'You're Isabella dear .' When he said the name I remember it , I remember my parents calling me that and me mocking about wanted to be called Bella .

I remembered teachers at school forgetting my name all the time and kids bullying me , asking me when the ugly duckling was going to change into a beautiful Swan .

I gasped , ' I remember ,' I smiled at the men in front of them , Aro looked concerned , ' What do you remember ?' , 'Not everything , but I remember my parents calling me Isabella and me wanted to be called Bella .' I smiled brightly at him .

He looked relieved for a moment , I suddenly realized that vampires drank human blood . I froze , I didn't want that , I didn't want to kill humans .My parents are humans , what if I would kill them .

Marcus frowned , ' something wrong child ?' he asked at my frown . Everyone looked at him in shock , clearly he didn't speak that often .

'Yes , you see , vampires drink human blood right ?' they all nodded curiously , ' I don't want to kill humans .' I whispered .

'Well than , let's test you shall we .' Aro smiled evilly , ' Gianna dear .' He said a bit louder . And I frowned what test ?

Suddenly a girl maybe a year or three older than me walked in , she looked confident but terrified at the same time . I froze when I noticed she was human .

'Aro please no .' I begged him silently while looking at the girl . I didn't want to but I breathed in and her delicious smell made me growl .

I was slowly stalking towards her , my feet moving on their own . I could see everyone smile as they saw me stalking closer towards her .

I froze when I realized what I was doing , ' NO ' I muttered while jumping back as hard and fast as I could .

They escorted the girl out of the room and Aro started laughing and he clapped in his hands . I didn't like him , he wasn't really nice .

'My dear , you have a strong self control .' , he laughed some more , ' but I'm okay with you being escorted to the nearest forest whenever is needed .' I frowned , forest ?

But I understood quickly after that , forest meant animals and animals had blood . I wanted to live like that . Humans eat animals right , I would just drink them .

I wondered what kind of vampire I was , I remember watching Dracula with my mom and I didn't look anything like that .

'Aro ? What kind of vampire am I ?' he looked at me , amused . 'You want to know what kind of vampire you are .' He stated , I nodded .

'Well , clearly you don't have fangs , you don't sleep , you don't eat or drink human food . ' Marcus added ,' You're skin is pale white and ice cold , you won't burn up in the sunlight , you'll sparkle …' He wanted to go on but I laughed , sparkle ?

'You don't die from a dagger through your heart , since a dagger would break trying to rip your skin apart .You die by being ripped into pieces and burn them .' Caius said sadistically , he smiled at the thought of killing somebody .

A few hours later

Hunting went great and they told me my past , I moved to my dad and went to school there , I was kidnapped by a vampire and they saved me .

My life was rather boring as they explained it to me , not a lot of friends no boyfriends .

I guess no one was going to miss me . I still had a feeling I was forgetting something important .


I felt alone and dead . Bella was in an excruciating amount of pain right now and I couldn't help her . We didn't even know if she was still in Seattle or in Volterra .

I blocked everyone out and ignored everyone .

Suddenly Alice stormed into my room , she was looking rather confused and hurt , 'Edward ? ' she said , ' I had a vision .' she stated ,where was her jumpy little self ?

'Edward , Bella is a vegetarian .' she said sadly , I felt a bit better .' What's so sad about that ?' I asked her .

'She doesn't remember us , she doesn't remember anything about being bullied , moving , meeting us , falling in love . She asked Aro but he lied to her .'

Alice started to dry sob and I couldn't hear her anymore , my Bella didn't remember me . I did know where she was , and I was going to do anything to get her back .

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