Bella is Bullied in In her old town
She moves to forks. And it continues
She meets the Cullens
What happens?
Find out. READ.


17. Love


I think I stopped breathing for a moment . Did he actually say that or was it just my imagination . It must've been my imagination , how is it possible for somebody like him to love somebody like me ?

'Bella? ' he murmured against my skin . We were still standing very close and his lips were making a feather light pattern on my cheek . 'Breath Bella , your heart always seems to beat to fast when I'm with you .'

I blushed , he was right of course . He snickered , ' I think I'm right .' He murmured to himself . He pressed his lips against mine ones more and took my hand .

'Can I show you something ?' He asked excitingly . I frowned and nodded , he shrugged and grabbed my arms and lifted me on his back .

'I want to show you how I travel .' He said quietly , 'Hold on tight .'

And then he was running .

If I'd ever feared death before in his presence , it was nothing compared to how I felt now . He streaked through the dark , thick underbrush of the forest like a bullet , like a ghost . There was no sound , no evidence that his feet touched the earth .

His breathing never changed , never indicated any effort . But the trees flew by at deadly speeds , always missing us by inches .

I was too terrified to close my eyes ,though the cool forest air whipped against my face and burned them . I felt as if I were stupidly sticking my head out the window of an airplane flight . And for the first time in my life , I felt the dizzy faintness of motion sickness .

Then it was over . We'd hiked hours this morning to reach Edward's meadow , and now , in a matter of minutes , we were back to his Volvo .

'Exhilarating , isn't it ?' His voice was high , excited .He stood motionless , waiting for me to climb down . I tried ,but my muscles wouldn't respond . My arms and legs stayed locked around him while my head spun uncomfortably .

'Bella ?' he asked , anxious now .

'I think I need to lie down .' I gasped . 'Oh sorry .' He waited for me , but I still couldn't move . 'I think I need help ,' I admitted .

He laughed quietly , and gently unloosened my stranglehold on his neck .


Running with Bella was amazing . I could share something I liked with her , she got dizzy which scared me for a bit but she's alright .

I wanted to leave her , I'm not good for her , she deserves so much more than me . She whispered that she had fallen in love with me . I was star struck but I still wanted to leave , when she explained her opinion about how she sees and feels everything I was shocked . She actually thought that I didn't want her . She thought she was ugly , how could she think that . She's perfect in every single way . If I would have a heart it would be beating faster when I would see her . I would blush if we would make eye contact and my heart would stop beating if she touched me .

I love the way her heart responses to me , I love the way her heartbeat changes I love that way she blushes . I love the way she bites her lips , I love the way her eyes have that spark whenever she sees me . I love the way her warm lips feel under mine whenever we kiss .

I realized it a little too late that I wouldn't leave her , that I couldn't and that I would never try . I could already see the hurt in her eyes when I was trying too . And I promised myself to never make her feel that way ever again , I would never see that again in her eyes .

As I got closer and closer to her house , I could see her getting anxious . I could see that she also didn't want to say goodbye yet . I was hoping she would invite me in , I could climb through her window when Charlie was asleep if she wanted too .

I drove one-handed holding her hand on the seat , the warmth of her skin felt nice . Most of time I was looking at her . The window was open , her hair blowing out the open window .

I turned the radio to an oldies station , and sang along with a song I'd ones heard .

She frowned , 'you like fifties music ?' she asked me .

'Music in the fifties were good . Much better than the sixties , or the seventies , ugh !' I shuddered , she laughed again . 'The eighties were bearable ' I added .

'How did you become like this ? ' She asked curiously .

' Carlisle found me in a hospital in the summer of 1918 . I was seventeen , and dying of the Spanish influenza .' I heard her intake a deep breath , I looked down into her deep chocolate brown eyes .

' I don't remember it well – it was a very long time ago , and human memories fade .' I tried to remember something as hard as I could . 'I do remember how it felt when Carlisle saved me . It's not an easy thing , not something you could forget .'

I remember how painful it was , and how long . I begged Carlisle to make it stop , I begged him to kill me . He didn't do it , he kept on apologizing telling me it would be better .

'What happened to your parents ?' she asked , biting her lip .

'They had already died from the disease I was alone . That way why he chose me . In all the chaos of the epidemic , no one would ever realize I was gone .' She nodded just when I reached her house , she sighed .

'I want to stay with you .' She murmured while looking down at her lap . 'Can't I come in ? ' I asked her gently .

She looked up quickly , her eyes wide open her heart skipped a few beats .


I couldn't picture it , this godlike creature sitting in my father's shabby kitchen chair .

' Would you like to ?' I asked him.

'Yes , if it's all right . ' He really wanted to join me , my heart was beating faster against my chest . I heard the door close quietly , and almost simultaneously he was outside my door , opening it for me.

'Very human ,' I complimented him .

'It's definitely resurfacing.'

He walked beside me in the night , so quietly I had to peek at him constantly to be sure he was still there . In the darkness he looked so much more normal . Still pale , still dreamlike in his beauty , but no longer the fantastic sparkling creature of our sunlit afternoon .

I opened the door for him and we got in , not saying a word .

I ate some leftovers from Charlie's fishing trip since and made some for when he would come home . Edward and I talked for about an hour when we heard Charlie pull up .

I froze , not knowing how he would react on a boy in his house . I felt Edward pull me against his chest , his lips in my hair .

'Relax , it'll be fine .' He kissed the top of my head and took my hand , leading me towards the living room .

When the door opened I heard Edward chuckle , probably because my heart was beating twice as fast as normal because of two reasons . One I was holding his hand , two I had to tell my dad I am dating .

'Hey Bells how was your ..' He froze when he saw Edward , 'day .' He said .

'Dad , this is Edward Cullen . Edward this is Charlie .' I tried to say as calm as possible . Edward rose from his seat and gave Charlie a firm hand shake .

'Bells , can I speak to you in the kitchen , alone .' I nodded , afraid my voice would shake to much if I would actually talk .

'It'll be alright .' Edward whispered in my ear , I felt my blush coming up as I felt his cold breath on my ear . I stumbled to the kitchen and I saw Charlie looking at my face , looking very deeply in thought .

'You love him .' He murmured , my heart stopped . 'You don't have to say anything , I can see it Bella. And that kid loves you too .' I relaxed a bit .

'Damn Bells , I've never seen two people more in love than you two .' I blushed . 'How long have you guys been dating ?' He asked while taking a sip of his coffee .

'This afternoon .' I said , he practically shocked in his coffee . 'What !' He almost yelled .

'Wow , well , you guys , seem euhm , very euhm , attracted to each other and ..' He stopped and looked into my eyes .

'Be safe Bella , I hope your mom told you everything you need to know .' I blushed wildly and nodded furiously . I do not want a sex talk with Charlie .

'Go get that Edwin guy , I need to have a word with him . ' Charlie said .

'Dad ! His name is Edward ! ' He rolled his eyes and mentioned me to get him .


I laughed when I heard what they were talking about , like that was even possible , I wished it was possible for us of course .

'He wants to speak with you .' Bella said while quickly walking into my embrace .

'Are we boyfriend and girlfriend ?' she whispered against my chest , purposely not looking for eye contact . I lifted her chin with two of my fingers and collected as much love in my gaze as possible .

'We're much more Bella .' I whispered while leaning into her pressing my lips firmly against hers . I could feel her blood moving beneath her skin but it didn't bother me .

Suddenly we heard Charlie clearing his throat , Bella pulled back instantly while blushing furiously . I chuckled and followed Charlie into the kitchen .

This boy better really love her . If he breaks her heart I will hunt him down .-Charlie

I liked the way Charlie cared about his daughter .

'Son , what are your intentions with my daughter ?' He asked seriously .

'I cared about her since the moment I saw her sir and It has only grown into love . '

Damn , he really loves her . I can see it in his eyes , it's way too early for them to be so in love . But if they love each other I can't stop it .-Charlie

'I can see you love each other so you have my blessing but hurt her and you'll wish you've never been born .' He said .

He had no idea whom he was threatening but I liked the way he was protective about Bella .

I left some time later , ready to face my family .

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